How do you cope with stiffness/tightness spascisty I am mad and when I fall I can’t get up cause of it I was hit with vertigo in January and it hasn’t gone, my balance is so bad can barely walk even with two sticks and my mum thinks it would be better for hospital to admit me I kind of agree with her I am in bad shape.

only meds I’m on is Pregabalin and baclofen and neither helps stiffness and I am at a low point right now where I just don’t want to be here but for sake of daughter I put on a brave face not seen Ms nurse or neuro but I see them on Wednesday but really struggling cause of vertigo is it suppose to last this long :frowning:

Hello Alysea

I can’t suggest anything for the stiffness/tightness but hopefully the neuro or ms nurse can help you with that problem. My joints do get stiff but I think over the years it has just become the norm for me.

Your balance does seem to be causing you real problems. I don’t know what to suggest for that either, just feel frustrated for you.

My balance is an issue for me but not as bad as what you describe.

In my own flat it’s not too bad, although I do bump into door frames and walls a lot. It’s worse for me when outdoors and I discussed this with my neuro-when I had one.

He explained it was to do with damage caused by the brain lesions and that my brain struggles to cope with all the different things that are happening when outside.

Sorry, not helped I know but I do understand.

Good luck tomorrow


I was that bad ambulance came and took me to hospital admitted since Monday I have a water infection physio too thanks x

Really sorry to hear this Alysea.

I hope thing improve for you soon.

Take care x

Hi Alyssa

Sorry to hear this, hope you feel better soon, take care.(((((hugs)))))

Pam x

Any additional problem - infection, knocks you for 6 and takes a while to get back to what we call ‘normal’. This will pass, take care M

Thanks ladies sore but feeling better physio going to try get me walking just tired

take care

Marie xx