Light head / dizzy spells

Hi everyone,

i was was wondering if anyone else gets inexplicable dizzy bouts?

ive been experiencing these for a few weeks, usually two or three times a day. Only lasts a few seconds, then back to the usual.

Could it be ms related? Or do I have something else going on?



Hi Claire, can I ask your age please love?

I expect you know where this is going, eh?

Could it be the start of the menopause?

Im 64 and still get the occasional funny do`, where my head goes light and dizzy and I feel sick. I often get an overheated feeling too.

They started at 50…yeh, a long chuffin time, I know.

Other than that, maybe it could be blood pressure.

Best have a gp appointment, yeh?

luv Pollx

Claire, as Poll says it could be to do with low blood pressure, but it may be vertigo, which is an inner ear problem. I experience both at times; the former feels like my vision is narrowing down, the latter actually makes my head spin very unpleasantly and I just have to ride it out. I don’t think my vertigo has any connection with the MS, just another cross to bear.

See what the doc says.

Kev x

Thanks for the guidance.

I’m 50 & been enjoying HRT for over a year.


sounds like a trip to the docs. It’s weird, but never have it after a tipple! Phew…

happy Christmas