Hi All how are you coping with the weather changing hot/cold.

I had a very bad dizzy day tuesday got worse as the day went on is this a ms symptom or was l just having a bad day l feel very stressed as daughter is looking for a new stable yard not many about near us. regards to all Janxx

Hi Jan, I have it as a symptom. Like the others, it comes and goes… though I’ve also had it the last few days and yes stress, like with all symptoms, can make it worse.

But remember you should never assume something is MS symptom. Worth getting it checked out… sometimes it can be ear infection or even wax in ears causing it… so see GP.

Hope you’re doing ok hon… besides the dizziness which is horrible. Couple of nights ago I woke up in middle of night having dizzy spell.

It’s strange how Autumn arrived so suddenly! Don’t think the old MS likes change at all !!!

Pat x

HI Pat l went to see dr he took bp said that was ok ears ok glad l had had a shower and washed them. He said it may be a ms symptom and to let him no if it happened again. He allso did blood tests for coeliac diseaseas he said it may be that.

Yes weather is all over the place hot cold rain hale what next l want a wash my patchwork throw but think l may have left it to late don t think it will go in the washer we have used it all summer with just a sheet brill

Well all take care keep well regards jan xx

Hi Jan, Yep the dizziness is a bug*er. Mine goes for a few days then whoooosh suddenly the world is spinning again… or gently rocking.

Do you get tinnitus as well? (ringing or high pitched whistling in ears). Reason I ask is because the lesions that cause dizziness are in same part of brain as the tinnitus… also double vision. I get all three.

Thought about having throw dry cleaned?

Went out this morning and bought myself a new digital clock radio (old one suddenly dropped dead). Only problem is I can’t see the time on new one without my glasses… but hey that might be a good thing. Why do I really need to see what the time is at 3am?

Take care and have a good day,

Pat x

Hello Jan

Iwent to the doc with dizziness and he gave me pills for labrynthitis, an infection of the inner-ear. With persistence it appears to be fading!

Best wishes, Steve.

Hi Steve

Dizziness seem to have gone hopefully. l did wonder l had my eyes tested the day before l hope it does not come back l think sometimes when you no what it is you can get on with it. Ms is a funny thing and the cooler weather is playing hell with my right leg. you take care Regards Jan