Scary night with Vertigo and Dizziness

Hi everyone hope you are enjoying a good bank holiday.

Well what a night i had. I woke up at 2.30 really hot and the room spinning. I was really scared. I have had vertigo before but its usually when i am typing or move my head quickly and you know you grab hold of something but this was the worse ever.

I couldn’t lay down at all i would spin out. I tried not to panic and struggled to get out of bed to use the commode my balance everything was way off beam and I felt really nauseous.

I just lay there not moving my head.

Finally 5a.m, i felt a bit better and could move, so got up slowly holding onto wall and managed to get my husband. He took me downstairs, and put me on the recliner.

It took a few hours but i started to feel better. My temp was ok, but my BP was up a bit but then went back to normal.

I have managed to walk a bit with my zimmer but am really exhausted. I know i have really been overdoing it lately trying to laugh in the face of MS.

Is this normal for PPMS? Isnt it always the way when the GP are shut we get something.

Should i worry or do you think it was just a reaction to being over heated, and over tired and fatigue?

Gosh i hope i dont have it again in a hurry i dont mind having a little vertigo but when its so bad you dare not move your head for dizziness and spinning, its the pits.

Sorry i am being such a baby. I have gone through so much with this disease, and i never thought i could experience more stuff.

I have had such severe vertigo its awful i had it once and was sick every time i moved my head.i still get it now but thankfully it doesn’t last too long .i hate it,its one of the worst symptoms of my MS.It might be because you have overdone it, i know i get it more when i have overdone things,which is a lot these days.Hope it passes off very soon for you cos it makes you feel so miserable.

J x

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You’re not a baby at all. These episodes can hit and they’re awful and scary and at the time as you don’t know how to stop it. I am relieved yours has now passed. And, yup I’m sorry to say these spells can hit us especially if we’ve been pushing ourselves much too hard. The strange thing is both my fairly recent spells have hit while lying in bed although they do ‘disable’ by bringing on that awful feeling of nausia and possibly vomiting too but they do seem to pass.

MS is a strange beast, ain’t it? Just when you think you’ve got it sust it hits you with something else. I would advise that you maybe speak to your MS nurse or GP. There are medications that can help relieve these symptoms.

Anytime you feel you need to share please do as there are usually a few of us with the same or similar issues. Hope this helps at least a bit to re-assure you’re not alone. ((((Hugs))))


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