Vertigo in MS

Just wondering about other peoples experience of vertigo in MS. I am diagnosed with MS. I had an episode of labyrthitis and this was so bad I had to stay in bed as the room was spinning (felt nauseus) when I was still and lasted for about a week then it finally started to go and was fine. Then a few months later got vertigo but this time just when turning head this carried on for about 19 days.

Just wondered about other peoples vertigo experiences and how long it lasted for and what it was like (positional or room spinning or something else). xxx

Hi Anon,

before i was told i had MS i had a few periods of vertigo type symptoms.I had spinning while lying flat and also other types like when tilting my head.I was shocked because i never had anything like this before.When i look back it seemed to come after a bad virus so maybe that set it off.

For me it was the worst symptom,the spinning and staggering and i hope never to have it again!! it did stop after a few weeks thank GOD.I can only think that it is where the lesion is located that causes the problem.xx

Hi Clara, thanks for your reply. I think may be viruses set mine off too as I have never had vertigo before these and I too was shocked. Yes I’ve read lesions can cause vertigo and also virus or bacterial infections. I guess I will never know what gave me vertigo now. I did have some blood tests for some viruses about 6 months ago but nothing was found. I guess if it was bacteria it would no longer be in my blood now. Hope never to get vertigo again too xxx