Vertigo and MS?

Hi hope you are all as well as can be and Happy New Year to you.

I had the most horrible attack of vertigo yesterday which lasted nearly five hours j(I sympathize with everyone that has it for longer) and when It started I could not stand up so had to crawl to the bathroom and was violently sick on and off for that time. I couldn’t keep my eyes open as it was as if everything was in a spin dryer including me.

I wondered if this could be anything to do with MS.

Years ago when I was a blood donor I had donated blood and because not long after I became very dizzy I was told not to donate any more because I had vertigo, but it was nothing like yesterday.


Hi Happy New Year to you!

I’m sorry to hear of your episode with vertigo. I’m sorry to say but it can be linked to MS but like a lot of other symptoms it might not be your MS.

I had my first symptoms of MS over 26yrs ago, diagnosed nearly 19yrs ago. I have had vertigo about a handful of times, mostly mild & not lasting very long. I hadn’t experienced it for at least a couple of years but on 28/11/17 I got up to go to the loo & I felt dizzy & knew it was vertigo & was off work for 2 days. It just felt like the room was spinning constantly.

I got back to normal…well, my ‘normal’. I was just glad it only lasted 2 days as have had it longer than that. Then, on 20/12/17 it happened again! Off work again (I have worked part time for about 15yrs due to my MS & it’s always in the back of mind about the possibility of ill health retirement at some point in the future).

Anyway, I was already awaiting contact from my MS nurse about starting a new DMD in early 2018. By coincidence she called me on 20/12/17 to tell me she had an available appt on 21/12/17. I told her about the recurring vertigo, she wanted to rule out everything else first.

I had my urine checked for infection & blood test to check my vit B12 & thyroid function. Urine was fine & I haven’t heard anything about blood test so assuming they were normal. My most recent MRI in Sept 17 showed a new lesion on my brain stem & my neuro advised me that episodes of vertigo could become more frequent. As previously mentioned, I’ve had episodes of vertigo prior to the brain stem lesion showing on MRI.

Forgot to add, my worst episode of vertigo was approx 6yrs ago & lasted nearly 2wks. I was sick constantly for the first wk & the only thing that helped was a course of steroids.

I’m sorry this post is so long & for rambling so much!

Take care,

Annie xx

Hi Annie don’t apologise for the long post, it is interesting hearing about other people’s experiences. I am very lucky mine didn’t last too long. I wouldn’t like it again in a hurry.

Happy New Year