hi everyone I was wondering if anyone has suffered from vertigo with their ms.

Quite out of the blue one morning I sat up in bed and the room started spinning and every time I moved my head it started it off again. I decided to get up and see what I could manage and found one I did it improved massively and disappeared completely within about an hour, the next morning I was completely back to normal too and had a good day. I had previously had bad fatigue but this had started to improve .

The next morning it was back again so managed to get a Doctors appointment again it disappeared throughout the day. The doctor said it was most likely a virus and that it could remain up to three weeks but he didactic think it was related to my ms.

This morning it was worse now after getting up my balance was very strange and every time I moved my head to look up or down I’d get dizzy moving about was very problematic and making every day things a nightmare.

Im really hoping this is a virus and not a new ms symptom.

Any advice welcome.

Ann x

I do get spells of vertigo from time to time. It lasts a few weeks then goes as suddenly as it started. Mine usually happens when I am lying down which is an odd feeling. I think it is connected to my MS as I have a big lesion on my spine at the back of my neck and I feel as if it’s that playing up.

Hope you feel better soon

Thanks for your reply val. it’s the pits isn’t it? I hope it goes soon and I hope you don’t get it to often either.

i find it’s worse if I bend down , I’m meant to shower and wash my hair tonight not sure if that’s going to be possible maybe I could skip it and hope tomorrow it will be gone.


yep I get these nausea vertigo bouts.

I was on Prochlorperazine for a long time which really helped, but after a medication review the GP took me off it as apparently you’re not supposed to be taking it continuous.

I now take Betahistine which is ok but not as good as Prochlorperazine, but you can take Betahistine as and when needed.

Hi jactac as mine has gotten worse I have started this medication too and it does seem to be helping as now just get dizzy when trying to pick things up floor level so have to makes sure I have something to hold on to . It makes you realise how many jobs around the house you bend down to loading the washine machine and dishwasher for example. Ann x

I just thought did you take one every eight hours or more than that as I just noticed it says you can take higher dose if necessary I just wondered if might also get rid of my dizziness when bending down. Ann x

I take 1 x Betahistine after each meal, up to 3 per day, but usually 1 with breakfast, 1 with evening meal, but if I feel a bit of nausea I’ll pop one at lunch time as well.

When I was taking Prochlorperazine, I found 1 every other day worked fine, but after many months of taking it the GP stopped it.

I tend to get these “travel sickness” sort of feelings, bloody horrible.

Yes i get it suddenly and then it goes. vertigo is quite common in MS and for people without MS. I find mine hits me sometimes when i am over warm or doing too much computing. It can also be down to ear problems, and eye sight issues. its horrible. xxx

I get vertigo. I get dizzy if I look up and have to grab onto something so I don’t fall over! I have had it while I have been sitting down as well. The whole room seems to spin really fast. It is horrible!