Vertigo treatment?

Hello, I’ve recently been discharged from hospital after my first bad ‘probable’ relapse (I’ve still not been officially diagnosed even though my neuro is certain its MS I have to wait for LP results to absolutely confirm). Anyway my main problem at the moment is vertigo, it’s wreaking havoc with my balance and I am no longer able to walk unaided because of it. I’ve been taking Prochlorperazine which seems to work for a couple of hours but then I’m dizzy again after that and I can only take it 3 times per day. Is there anything else that people who have the same issue have tried and has worked better? I’ve also tried the epely thing but no such joy! Hope you can help! Beth

I’m going through it at the moment following an op last Monday that set my dizziness off again. I’m going to have the epley manoeuvre this morning to see if it helps. I’m on betahistine that I take 3 times a day and that has seemed to help things a lot. The thing with the epley manoeuvre is that it doesn’t always work first time. The cooksey cawthorne exercises are really good at helping to reprogramme the brain to use other nerves to send the signal back to the brain. So it’s worth you giving it a go - it does take perserverence though

Hi Beth,

I have had the dizzyness feeling for the past 4 months now. The doctor prescribed Betahistine for me which i take 3 times a day and i also do the Cooksey Cawthorne exercises at home with the help of my husband. It has helped a little bit but i spoke to my MS nurse the other day and she has referred me to hospital to the Vetibular Rehabilitation unit where they will give me exercises to do so i will see if they are different to the ones that i am doing at the moment.

It does get me down sometimes but i just hope and pray that one day i will wake up fine.


Sharon. xx

Thanks for your replies. I hope you recover soon Karina! Sharon, 4 months?! Oh god I hope it doesn’t affect me that long, it’s completely turned my life upside down! I can’t walk well at all because of it! I’m going back to the doctors on Thursday to see if they can do any more for me. I feel the same, hoping to wake up and it’s gone and I have my life back! Best wishes, Beth

Hi Beth, I completely sympathise with you as I have had this horrible vertigo off balance feeling for 5 months without much relief. I am also on beta hosting 3 times a day and didn’t think it was doing much good until I forgot to take it for a whole day. It really does help as I am able to walk a bit better without feeling like I am going to fall over. Hope you get it sorted x

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