Help for vertigo!!

Hi wondering if you could help! I’m still suffering with dizziness / vertigo that is driving me crazy! I’ve been doing the cooksey cawthorne exercises which made a bit of a difference but still suffering and someone mentioned about the epley manoeuvre - was wondering if anyone has had this done and if it worked?

I’m seeing a gp next Wednesday that is able to perform it and am hoping that it does something! If not wondering if anyone knew of anything else that can help the vertigo?

Please help…

I take Beta-Histine for vertigo 3x16mg / day.  Instead of it feeling like I've just had 3 drinks, it  feels like I've only had one.

My Mum (not with MS) has had vertigo for  a year the cooksey cawthorne exercises really helped, but you 

have to do them every day. Just like physio.

Think there are drugs that can help - ask your GP.

Jen x

hi karina.I also suffered with vertigo really badly. I persisted with the epley manouver and tho the vertigo has not completely gone I would say up 80% better than it was.I tried drug treatments but they didn’t work, my ms nurse said ms vertigo is different to regular vertigo. if you do try the epley manouver try and quick with it. it will feel awful but you’ll see the benefits inuif end

A short course of Stemetil (Prochlorperazine) worked  for me.


I take Beta-Histine for vertigo 3x16mg / day. Instead of it feeling like I’ve just had 3 drinks, it feels like I’ve only had one.

[/quote] Hi Karina I take the same, but it does not work for me , i still feel likei ha three drinks. I wish it did. gotta make another appt with doc to try sommat else. Mike x

Hi, I take Betahistine 3x8mg aday, has been working, but in view of my post MY HEAD DRIVING ME MAD, I think I may need the higher dose, up until recently this has worked a treat, so I hope the increase will as well, take care, Jean 

Thanks everyone for the replies. Going to try the epley manoeuvre at the doctors on Wednesday and also ask for some medication and hopefully it will work. Quick question though if I am put on medication do I stay on it each day forever? My thinking is that how will I know I the dizziness has resolved itself if I’m on tablets and also does it resolve itself without them? Does that make sense?!

My vertigo comes and goes,it can last an hour or so,or it can last several months,its one of my most disabling symptoms, and has me housebound for a long time when its severe,good luck with the epley manouvre hope it works.

Hi Karina

Won't repeat myself  but wishing you all the best in getting this sorted


Eiona :)