Epley manoeuvre - please help!!!

Hi wondering if you could help! I’m still suffering with dizziness / vertigo that is driving me crazy! I’ve been doing the cooksey cawthorne exercises which made a bit of a difference but still suffering and someone mentioned about the epley manoeuvre - was wondering if anyone has had this done and if it worked? I’m seeing a gp next Wednesday that is able to perform it and am hoping that it does something! If not wondering if anyone knew of anything else that can help the vertigo? Please help…

Hi Karina xx I don’t know anything about this but maybe someone else does!

I would also post this on Everyday Living - good luck with it!! xxxjenxxx

Hi K

From what I understand the Eplys manoeuvre is only useful in paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV), so it would very much depend on the actual cause of the vertigo that you have had.

If the GP is able to identify the cause s/he should be able to do the Eplys manoeuvre.

I have medications for vertigo and I have two diffrent types of vertigo (spinning and dizzyness and the sensation of ground and walls comming at me).

Hope you find something to help you.


Hi polly and Jen thanks for the reply. Polly - I’m not sure what’s causing the dizziness / vertigo - not sure if it’s coming from the inflammation in my brain or from ears so thought it was worth ruling out it being my ears. At the moment I’m diagnosed with CIS which may turn out to be a diagnosis of ms after some further tests in the next 6 weeks. This all started in April and I’m still suffering with dizziness/ vertigo and not sure if it will go away or whether it’s medication for it- at the moment they have just prescribed me some medication but it’s for nausea which I explained to the gp that I don’t have nausea or vomiting just really bad dizziness - vertigo!

Stemetil can help vertigo/dizziness - why not ask to try it?

I was pretty sure that the Epley manoeuvre could be done at home so had a google: http://www.ut-ent.net/2459/home-epley-maneuver/

It does say on there that it is best to have it done in the doctor’s office the first time, but if you’re desperate…?!

Karen x

Can I get stemetil over the counter or is it prescription only? I am desperate to try anything so I will give it a go at home and see if it makes any difference. It’s my first week back at work this week and struggling with the dizziness/vertigo!