Ok so I’m posting because I need some help and advice. The dizziness that I’m having is awful and don’t know what to do about it anymore! Been struggling with that more than anything and it doesn’t seem to be going away! Ive been doing the cooksey cawthorne exercises which seemed to have helped but the last couple of days my dizziness is awful again and don’t know what to do :frowning:

Have you tried stemetil or something similar? Your GP can prescribe it.

Sounds miserable :frowning: I hope your GP can come up with something that helps.

Karen x

I saw the neurologist on Monday who is prescribing me tablets for the nerve pain but said that the dizziness is something that they like the body to try to overcome as tablets only work short term. I don’t know why the dizziness has got worse over the last 2 days and been trying to carry on with the cooksey cawthorne exercises but my concern is that they aren’t working. Was going to try to do the epley manoeuvre but not sure if this actually works?! Rizzo the neurologist has classed this as CIS for the moment and he’s referring me for another MRI and also for a VEP test and a SSEP test - what a difference a decent neurologist makes!!