Vertigo anyone?

I’m a regular lurker here :wink: Anyhow just hoping someone could maybe help. I started Thursday with a completely numb mouth, inside and out as though I had visited the dentist. Friday I started to feel dizzy and unsteady on my feet. Roll on Saturday night and my husband had to carry me to bed as I was physically unable to stand due to the dizziness. I woke yesterday morning and the second I opened my eyes I began vomiting. It soon became apparent that I couldn’t open my eyes or move my head a millimetres either side without vomiting. This went on all day until my husband called am ambulance at teatime as I could no longer cope. I was taken to a different hospital that my usual because they were so busy and frankly they had no idea what to do with me. I was given some powerful anti sickness and brought back home as there was no neuro on call there. I am now able to open my eyes with regular anti sickness but I am unable to sit up without the entire room spinning unbelievably fast. It’s horrific. Called my neuro this morning and I have steroids now and he has requested an urgent mri. My question is this, as anyone else had this and how long am I likely to be floored like this for? Im just layed in a silent bedroom. I can’t stand tv or noise. It’s taken me forever to write this lol because I have to stop for breaks. I have 2 young children and a husband on unpaid leave so I would just like anyone to share any experiences of recovery time etc. Thanks in advance.

Sounds like you are having a really bad time. I have had vertigo twice (room spinning and also on turning head - positional vertigo). Yes the room spinning episode for me was very bad and I just had to stay in bed for 5 days. I got like a 3D effect with my eyes for a few days after then recovered.

But it doesn’t mean the room spinning vertigo is MS it is more likely to be an ear infection (viral or bacteria) or even if you have knocked your head for example it can bring vertigo on. My best friend suffers from benign vertigo and has had around 40 vertigo attacks, she has had a LP and it’s come back negative. She just has to stay at home and rest, even for up to a month at a time, she can’t drive or even go outside. My dad gets vertigo in bed sometimes when he turns over in bed and he doesn’t have MS.

Room spinning vertigo can be due to a virus or bacteria infection and can cause nausea, extreme tiredness, sensitive eyes, blurrey vision, doublish vision, 3D effect with eyes on seeing things. Please remember this. Hope you feel better soon xx

i had a brain stem relapse that caused really severe vertigo like you describe,i was really bad for 10 days before the vertigo got slightly better,i also had double vision with mine,and i couldnt even lift my head from the pillow for a good few days,really feel for you as i know how bad it is,

it WILL get better,its just a matter of time,that relapse took me a good 6 months to recover from,and left me quite traumatised,as it was that bad,

the neuro will probably put you on steroids,seen as its bad.

hope you feel better soon,and remember IT will get better.

Hi. Sorry to read that you’re having to deal with this.

I suffered a bout of this myself. It formed one of my four relapses, prior to diagnosis (June 2013).

My major relapse at diagnosis was bad enough as I experienced partial paralysis of my left side, together with a number of other horrible symptoms. However, I can honestly say that the episode of vertigo I suffered is pretty well up there too. I will never forget it!

At the time, I was signed off work for 3 weeks and returned with the help of the drug, Prochloperazine (Brand name Buccastem or Stemetil ). It was my wonder drug and was extremely effective.

Check out the following link:-

Hope you get sorted soon!

Tracyann x

Neuro has put me on steroids today and requested an urgent mri. I have managed to sip some water this afternoon but then I had a really bad dizzy spell and it’s all come back up. This is horrific and as you say I think I am going to be left very traumatised by it.

I’ve had stemitel since Friday and its done absolutely nothing :frowning:


Check out the NHS link here.

Apparently, Antihistamines are also used in the treatment of Vertigo and related symptoms. Get along to your GP asap as there are other treatment options available.

Good luck

Tracyann x

Just a thought that maybe it will take a few more days, before the medication starts to take effect.

Check out previously posted threads on here too, where others have posted their experiences. I’m sure I’ve replied to several similar threads!

Friend of mine gets this Neuro prescribed Buccastem but it made him tired all the time so he switched to prochlorperazine.

Don’t think steroids help with Vertigo though.

I had it, it was nasty, 6 days i had it. Only way i could describe to people was being totally drunk.

Hi, so sorry you’re having such a bad time with vertigo. I had exactly the same symptoms as you describe back in 2011 and horrific is an accurate description :frowning: I called a GP out to the house and he prescribed buccastem but it didn’t help. After a couple of days…when I couldn’t take anymore…I called my MS nurse and on the advice of my neurologist I was prescribed steroids. I started to feel better after another few days. I would say that it was 2 weeks from start to finish, although felt longer as it was so awful! I hope you feel better soon. Take care x