Vertigo or MS

so i have been diagnosed with vertigo since all of my other symptoms started but it all whent away including the vertigo so i stoped taking the tabs but now a year later is back along with some of the other symptoms but now the room seems to be spinning all the time and my ballance is really off ive started saying man down (i make jokes to feel better) just before i crash into smothing or somone

to me it feels like when you get really drunk and the room starts moving i wish i was drunk because tommorow i would feel better as its saturday i wont be able to go to the doc untill monday anyone have any advice on how to try and calm it down a bit i am under some stress at the moment with nasty neighbers so i think that has somthing to do with it aswell

You can buy over the counter tablets by the name of vertigon. Depends if you’re on other meds though. If you have nausea with it as well crystalized ginger or ginger biscuits can help with that too. Best of luck to you.

thank you i will try and get some vertigon later im not feeling sick with it yet but a ginger bic does sound gd right now with a cup of tea

I’m having the same issue, but my GP is thinking it’s linked towards all my other neuro symptoms. At first for me it was just uneasiness on my feet and severe nausea. Then came the drunk room spinning you were on about. I might have to join you with the biscuits and tea :slight_smile: Glad I could help in some way though. xx

not sure if it helps, for my vertigo (and wow its bad) came with loss of hearing and awful tinnitus, its been gradually getting worse since 2006, so GP diagnosed with Ménière’s disease and gave me Betahistine Hydrochloride. this has helped the vertigo but not other symptoms. GP said this is nothing to do with the Nuerological symptoms though.

Catherine xx

I’m having longstanding dizziness issues too and my GP tried me on betahistine, but that didn’t work. Next stop, neurologist. I don’t get the room spinning all the time, in fact I’ve had just one episode of room spin plus nausea. Mostly, I just feel rather out of synch with the world, like there’s a delay when I look around. Since I’m a holistic therapist, I try to ground myself often. That may be going for a walk or simply standing and shifting my weight from foot to foot. I know that for me, too much caffeine makes things worse and I now avoid following my little girl to the top of the slide or climbing frame (daddy’s job) as I do get classic vertigo now much more than I ever used to. I also see dizziness as a reaction to having too much going on at once. My way of dealing with it is just to take things easy and try and prioritise what I really need to focus on at any one time. Not easy in the midst of ‘cog-fog’ but being present in Now is a good meditation. Wishing you well :heart:

Thank you all today I feel much better well everything is spinning but at a much slower rate I think I will being the docs tomorrow Im atill waiting for my mri results which I was told gad been misplaced so that is stressing me out aswell I might some diazipam try and calm myself (I have them for clostraphibia so take them when I gave to go train or planes) I might try and ground and protect myself you never know what will work