Vertigo as an MS symptom?

I all, I have not been on here since the forum has been up and running so don’t know if anyone remembers me.

I have been getting quite a few symptoms since January with 2 obvious episodes. I had a brain and neck MRI in June that found inflammation on my spinal cord at C4. My neuro has said so far there is not enough to make a diagnosis so I am getting a LP on the 24th November.

Anyway, I have been diagnosed with vertigo a couple of weeks ago. The doctor checked my ears etc and all was ok. He did say it could be connected to what has been going on and gave me meds to keep it under control for now but all we can do is wait.

What I want to know is

1.Can this be a symptom of MS and

2.If it is because of this can my inflammation in my neck have caused it or could there be a new lesion in my brain.

I do think this is another episode as I have dreadful fatigue again (more than the usual) and a few new symptoms (all sensory again).

Thanks in advance x

Vertigo is a common symptom of MS. It’s normally because of something going on in the vestibular system which involves the ears, the eyes and the brain. I don’t think that vertigo results from spinal lesions so I would think that this is a different, new lesion that is causing this problem for you.

Please google Cawthorne-Cooksey exercises - they really do work for vertigo. A neuro physio can help you with them - get your GP to refer you.

What with the fatigue and sensory symptoms, it sounds like you’re having a new attack. I hope it’s a short one.

Karen x