Is this linked to my MS?

Hi, this is the first time I’ve been on this forum. I was diagnosed with relapsing, remitting MS, about 5 years ago, after getting optical neuritis and a lot of other weird symptoms. I’m pretty much back to normal apart from a pressure in my forehead that is with me 24/7. I was wondering if anyone else has this? Also I have had 2 episodes where everything started spinning and I couldn’t keep my balance and came crashing to the floor, not very elegantly. But my neurologist doesn’t think it’s linked to my ms. Just wondered what others with ms think? Thanks :slight_smile:

This is normally put down to a viral infection. It happened to me when I was on holiday in the USA around 5 years before any MS Symptoms.

I did have a relapse before Christmas when I was very unsafe on my feet and did fall. But that was with Nystagmus (the eyes flicking one way and slowly scanning the other) so quite different.

Never easy to distinguish what you attribute to MS and what is not.

Hope this helps

Hi Anna one of my first symptoms of MS was vertigo as you described.

I have positional vertigo: if I’m lying down and my head isn’t supported by a pillow or cushion the room feels as if it’s spinning and doesn’t stop until my head is either supported or I sit up. It’s a horrible feeling and the only way I can stop it happening is to try to make sure I don’t lie down without something under my head. If I turn around too quickly I get a quick episode of dizziness but that doesn’t last luckily. It’s too easy to lose my balance these days and if I do I go crashing to the floor. It was my GP who gave me that diagnosis or rather I did some research as to what it could be, I asked him and he confirmed that it was. My neurologist has never mentioned it.


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Hi Jacqueline, thank you for your reply. Your positional vertigo sounds very challenging to live with. I really hope it will ease for you.

Hi Sue, thank you for this! I hope your vertigo has eased now!

This helps thank you very much!

Hi Anna,

Because I’ve had my positional vertigo for many years now I know what to do and avoid doing, I’ve given up hoping it’ll go away so cope with it by doing what I know works and avoiding what I know can trigger it.