Help figuring out symptoms of lightheadedness

Hi, About 4 months ago I had an episode of demyelination on my spine causing numbness in most parts of my body loss of use of my hand, and difficulty walking. Most of these symptoms have now gone and I have slight numbness left. I wasnot diagnosed with MS as I do not fit the criteria but my neurologist said it is very likely MS. I have now started to get lightheaded every time I get up sometimes I have to steady myself, but I don’t get vertigo, this has been going on for about 4weeks now and it is a new symptom that did not occur in my previous episode ( if the lightheadedness has been triggered by MS) It would be great to know if anyone else gets this symptom? AND If anyone knows if this may be concisered a relapse because I have heard if you have a relapse this needs to include worsening of old symptoms as well as new symptoms, and at the moment I have no worsening of old symptoms just the lightheadedness. It would alo be great to also get advice fom anyone if they think I should book a new appointment with my nurologist or not? Cheers, Soph.

Hi David, Thanks for your reply. Sound like your lightheadedness is a lot worse than I have been getting. I am just getting extremely lightheaded every time I go from laying/stating to standing, it takes a minute for my head to get back to normal, and sometimes I have to steady myself as I feel i could fall. But I get no increased heart rate that I notice or any other symptoms.

Hello x have a look at Orthostatic Hypotension - it can be caused by lots of things including meds xxxjenxxx

Hi Soph I get lightheaded, dizzy and a spaced out feeling. The dizziness prevents me from working on site. I have been told by ms nurse it won’t go, may get better.Got tabs for it, not sure if they work. It’s that bad I stood on a step ladder to change a bulb, changed it, climbing down, fell off 3 rungs and took ladder with me, but I found out the ceiling needed painting. Mike

Sorry to hear that it affects your job Mike, seems like you manage to find the funny side of things, hope you managed to paint the ceiling. Thanks Jen looked it up, and it sounds exactly what I have, guess I will never be defiantly sure it down to MS, but I may still go back to my nrologist as if it is down to MS it would gt me ou of the limbo stage. I have also been having what feels like a build up of pressure in my head along with the lightheaded ness for the pass week or so.

Hi Soph Ye it stopped me doing something I have done for 30 years, but I am still involved, I train and write tech manuals, slowly and have then proof read. Mike