Help? Does this sound like MS?

Hi there, Im a 21 year old female and Im going out of my mind with worry and wondered if anyone out there could help me? Im going to list my symptoms. Some may be related to other health problems but Id rather cover everything incase it is of some help. These symptoms seem to come and go in periods of a couple of weeks.

  • Extreme dizziness at times. Like the world is spinning around me. Alot of the time it is when Im laid down.
  • Left arm numbness. This happened for around a month and then slowly feeling started coming back.
  • Constant aches all over my body. Some days are worse than others.
  • High blood pressure. The doctors have put it down to hypertention, but Ive had it for years now.
  • Pin Pricks all over my body. Only happened a few times. Ive put this maybe down to worrying too much.
  • Headaches, usually worse when Im looking down at the floor.
  • Numb/cold feet and hands. Bad circulation maybe?
  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Fatigue - Ive never had anything like it. I have no energy what so ever and am constantly tired/yawning/weak.

My bloods have came back clear, my MRI scan is normal. Im waiting to see a Neurologist. I know I should wait for a real diagnosis before worrying about it but some of yourselves will know its hard just sitting around waiting for something to happen. Does this sound like MS to you? If not, any idea what it could be? Any help, no matter how small would make me feel better in myself.

~ Jade

hi jade

you have hypertension but i have postural hypotension (low blood pressure) which means that if i look up or reach up i faint.

standing up suddenly is another trigger for a faint.

i don’t know if you can have both.

random numbness is a symptom of ms but also could be something else.

now this is difficult but try not to get bogged down by worry.

worry and stress make my symptoms worse.

get your blood tested to see what your vit b12 and vit d3 levels are. it is amazing what a difference a supplement can make.

make sure that you have something to look forward to. you must have a couple of friends who are understanding so make arrangements to meet up and go out.

good luck with the neurologist

carole x

Hi there Carole! Thankyou very much for the reply! What I am struggling with is there is so much going on with me, I dont know if all my symptoms are related or not.

Ive never had “standing up too quickly” dizziness. Its mostly when I am lying down or roll over in bed. Im not sure if this could be down to my hypertention but thought it may be worth a mention.

I do try not to worry, as it will only make my symptoms worse, but Ive always been a “wittler” as my mam would say, theres constantly something bugging me :stuck_out_tongue: Thats just my frame of mind.

Ive had all my blood tests. My gp says everything is ordinary, including B12, so that was another dead end.

Thankyou for the advice, I dont get out with friends as much as I should due to work commitments but Ill do my best over the coming weeks to do more :slight_smile: