Dizziness in MS

Hello everybody,

I was wondering how does dizziness commonly present itself in MS? Could it last only a few seconds, and feel like a feeling of being on the verge to… maybe faint… or feeling a bit lightheaded but without having the world spinning around you? I had that feeling about five days ago, and again today, and both times it lasted for about 10 seconds…

For those who followed my previous posts, I have had a history of sensory symptoms for a couple of months, which all resolved (pretty much) now. I also had a month ago one brain MRI, one full spine MRI, and two evoked potentials, which all came back clear. So I am a bit confused at the moment…

Wishing everyone a good day, and thank you in advance for those who gently take the time to answer me.

Blue Marble

A while ago (6 months - 1 year) my dizziness was my worst symptom. I can only describe it as light headed or in my words Numbskull. It was there continuously and I staggered around like a drunkard on his way home from the pub. I really had to concentrate to walk in a straight line.

It seemed more of a balance issue as against the world spinning around me. As I say it was there 24 7 but now has cleared up massively.

Although I have been diagnosed twice now with RRMS, then PPMS and now that is being questioned.

Hey Scudger, thanks for your reply. I have trying to figure out if the sort of dizziness which I have experienced twice in a bit more than a week could be linked to a potential MS, even though my tests are so far leading me towards another direction… Your experience does not sound fun… What is making your doctors shift their views regarding the type of MS you have?

Re: RRMS. Ive never had a relapse or come close. So I guess thats why they ruled it out. Knowing what I know now I reckon on having certain symptoms for about 30 years

As far as PPMS is concerned any progression has almost been reversed. I feel better now than I did 8 months ago as most of my symptoms have decreased a lot.

My worst symptoms are fatigue and aching legs. They`re just continuous 24-7.

I had another MRI on July 1st and I received results this week.

"MRI scan of his cervical spine has shown no abnormalities which is reassuring. The MRI of the head showed no new changes.

I see the Neurologist on the 26th July. Hope to get some answers then.

I have been taking Vit D3, Iron, Magnesium supplements on a daily basis. I was taking Vesicare for toilet urgency (wee). It helped but the downside was it gave me constipation so I stopped and I`m OK now apart from the frequency.

I dont think I have MS but something else similar. Im convinced Im lacking particular vitamins but all the blood tests Ive had would have confirmed that.


After reading many of your posts, I think I’ve been sidetracked by your mastery of the image.

But I just thought, Scudger should go in to his neurologist and seriously question this PPMS thing. Get them to reassess you as RRMS and give a DMD a go. You’re really night meant to have remission from PPMS. Yes, you can have improvement based on physio / exercise regime and diet etc. But your improvement seems like it’s more than that. What do you think?

Sorry Blue Marble, hijacked a bit. Is it vertigo? Sounds like it to me. There are some exercises you can do to help, Google vertigo and exercises and give it a go. Otherwise, if you have a physio who’s good at vertigo exercises,ask for help.


Hi Sue

thanks for your reply. I will see what the outcome of my appointment is next week. I will be asking about the whole MS thing as I think it may be something else.

As for taking any DMDs I dont think that is the right way to go and I will avoid them for now.

Until I get a positive diagnosis I can then deal with it.

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I was prescribed Betahistine for the vertigo like symptoms and it works a treat. I only take it if I need it, or if I am in situations where the lighting (supermarkets) or stressful crowded places might affect me.

Does betahistine have down sides ? I get vertigo a lot ! But then I do work in a supermarket ! I had assumed it was just a symptom that I needed to deal with & was hoping it may go away over time.

I’ve not experienced any side effects at all so you should be fine with them