Hi I’m chloe (17) and I haven’t actually been diagnosed with MS. However, I pretty much got told it’s something like epilepsy or MS. I had a EEG done and it was clear (I know that that isn’t concrete proof I don’t have epilepsy but the doctor said that he’s confident it isn’t epilepsy now). I have a MRI in Jan and hopefully will get some answers.

When all this starts to happen I wasn’t dizzy only when I’d have an ‘attack’ which lasted for 10-20 minutes with lots of other symptoms. I had a big ‘attack’ and it was 2 hours long, it took me 3 days to feel ‘normal’ again. Ever since then I am very dizzy. It got better for a week maybe but has gone back and I would say worse at the moment.

I don’t know if this related to MS it just seems to tie in to it all. My balance lately is completely off, nearly fell over twice to day.

would love some opinions on this! Thanks very much for reading.


hi cloe my heart goes out to you having to put up with all this at such a young age hang in there things will get better

Thank you! Xx

Such a rubbish time of year to have this hanging over you. There are so many things that could cause your symptoms. Hugs and heart felt hopes that your mri’s clear. I truly hope you manage to put your fears to one side and enjoy your Xmas & new year.

But if you can’t & need somewhere to talk about things your body is doing to scare you this really is the right place

THANK you.

Would like to know if dizziness is normal in ms?

Hello Cloe

​Dizziness can be a symptom of MS, generally as part of vertigo, but your ‘attacks’ seem a bit more random and to hit you, then go away. Which doesn’t sound like vertigo.

I’m not an expert, or a doctor, so can’t say this does or doesn’t sound like MS. If your doctor is certain it’s not epilepsy, then the next thing sounds like they want to rule MS in or out, so this is a case of wait until your MRI. This will show whether there are lesions typical of MS and/or evidence of demyelination.

So, this isn’t especially useful to you I’m sure. It does seem like you’ve to wait until after the MRI to get some answers.

I hope you can put it out of your mind a little over the next few days and manage to have a nice Christmas regardless.

Best of luck.


Dizziness and balance were my worst symptoms when first diagnosed. A year on and they have improved 90%. I`m PPMS and my worst symptom now is fatigue. Dizziness and balance are typical symptoms of MS.

hi chloe

try a walking stick to help your balance.

i know it’s not the latest accessory but neither is planting your face on the ground.

another benefit of a stick is that it acts as a signal to other people.

the decent ones then give you extra time and space.

the indecent ones we can all do without.

carole x

I second this advice! I’m not diagnosed yet either but dizziness has been my enemy for a while and then recently my first neurological episode. A crutch has helped me so much with walking and also for making others aware.

When I was first showing signs of MS, dizziness and loss of balance where NOT part of my symptoms.

Basically I just developed very weak leg muscles, especially my left leg.

In fact even now 4 years on from being diagnosed the only time I’ve had dizzy spells is when I was on Baclofen, as for my balance, well it’s only effected if /when my legs are weak, but in general my balance is ok.

MS affects people in so many different ways, and some of us will not experience what others do, so having dizzy spells and problems with ones balance does not necessary mean you have MS, theres lots of other things that can cause these symptoms.

Google MS and dizziness and they go together like egg & chips, but also Google vertigo or migraine, inner ear infection, Meniere’s Disease (type of vertigo), even sinus, and they will all give very similar symptoms, the list is probably endless.

Meniere’s Disease is something you should mention to your GP, it’s a condition of the inner ear, not an infection as such, more of an imbalance, and will give all the symptoms you describe, theres no pain associated with it, but cause’s horrible dizziness, nausea and poor balance.

I know it’s hard but try not to worry too much.

Thank you for your advice I’ll definitly look in to them. Just had my MRI yesterday so hopefully will know something soon x