Any advice/thoughts, so frustrated

Hi everybody, this is my first post, so hopefully I’ve done this right.

Basically my story started in December, with a case of vertigo that was so bad I ended up in A&E, for the first time in my life.I was referred to ENT, who basically said its nothing to do with us, so I was referred to an audiologist, who did various balance tests on me, and put water down my ears etc. It came up that I had an imbalance and that if I did these balance exercises the problem would ease of, which it did.

Fast forward to February, and I began fainting on a rather regular basis, with chest pains and a tight crushing sensation in my chest. I went to A&E again, who did bloods etc, and said it was normal for somebody my age to be fainting (I’m 20), and so we left it at that. I eventually convinced my GP to refer me to a cardiologist as he was adamant it was also my age, cardiologist was fine 24 hour EEG was normal.

The fainting seemed to subside around late Feb, and all was ok untill May. I started with numbness in my arms, that spread up to my face and neck, this would occur around 2/3 times a day for over an hour at a time. Around this time I also began having seizures and was finally referred for an MRI, which came back clear. I was then referred for an EEG to check for epilepsy, but this was also fine, and anti-epeleptic medication is making zero difference to my seizures, which are still ongoing, along with the tingling and numbness.

I also get bad muscle spasams, too.

I honestly feel like I am going insane, all the doctors keeps saying it’s nothing, and if it is something it’s nothing to worry about, as the only thing they’ve found is balance problems, but surely balance problems couldn’t cause all these symptoms alone?

Any advice would be much appreciated.

I can’t really help much but just wanted to say…

Believe in yourself - you know your own body and you know when something is not right.

I am not saying that you have ms. There are lots of conditions that can mimic ms symptoms but there sounds like something is definitely going on. Some conditions are easily treated so try not to panic and get ahead of yourself.

The ‘not knowing’ what is wrong can make you feel like you are going insane when you are not getting the help you need. It is awful when you are not being listened to or being taken seriously. Its frustrating!!

I have not heard of regular fainting/chest pains associated with ms before. I could be wrong though. I have however, heard of siezures but it is not a common ms symptom.

There is not much you can do at the moment. Any new symptoms need to be reported to your gp. It sounds to me that they are using a ‘watch, wait and see’ approach to see if you have more symptoms/problems.

They probably just don’t have enough ‘evidence’ to diagnose anything at the moment.

If you find your gp unhelpful then go and see another gp if you have more problems. He/she may have different thoughts and a different approach.

Good luck and i hope you get some answers soon

Sorry i can’t help much

Take care


Thanks Treek :slight_smile: