Dizziness is back

Hi guys.
Posted on here a while ago as I was really concerned I was symptomatic of MS, had tingling all down one side of body, dizziness etc etc.
I am 25yr old male. I went to see neuro and had MRI on C spine and Brain, I still need my follow up appt with him although have had a letter come through which says MRI brain is completely clear and CSPINE shows no significant abnormalities.

my question really is, that all my symptoms had gone, and ha been gone for around 2 months, however now the dizziness is back. No other symptoms at the minute, but the dizziness is. It feels basically like my head is shaking, or like im on a boat. Its 24/7 again.

The docs put it down to an ear inflammation/infection lat time, but I struggle to believe that i have another ear infection only a few months down the line?

hi andy

sorry that you are being tossed on a stormy sea.

see your gp, he/she may be able to give you something for it.

whether it is ms or not, symptom management is a big part of it.

at the very least, if you see your gp it will get on your medical records.

sending hugs (and a big sloppy kiss because you’re the same age as my son)

carole xxx

Hi Andy, ask your GP for Stugeron, I found this very good when I used to have giddy spells that led to vomiting.

Hope you get relief soon

Rosina x

i used to take stugeron for motion sickness. it works pretty well. no need to see a GP; its cheap, over the counter stuff.

ear infections can be a tricky thing too. i had one once which was absolute agony and occurred over xmas when all the doctors and pharmacists were closed. such a pounding headache.

it is quite plausible i think for any such infection to be recurrent and to affect balance perception etc.

clear MRIs is good news for you, really good news. that, combined with the fact that the symptoms that provoked you into getting the scans also cleared up should allow you to cool the fear of you having MS.

i would indulge some optimism, assume that what you have now is not connected to past phases of tingles and look to treat the symptoms you currently have. give it the usual week or so and if things remain unchanged or worsen, then start yanking chains to get a more in-depth analysis.

good luck to ya!

Thanks for your reassurance guys.

I have stemetil here, and that does not help in the slightest. Is the stugeron tablets any better?

I’ve never had Stemetil Andy, so can’t answer you, but if it’s not working for you maybe you should give Stugeron a go?

Rosina x

i seem to have got the diziness under a little bit of control, its still there a little bit, but not as bad.

the issue i have now is sore thighs. masively to the back. If i bend my legs i can do it no problem but its sore, feels like its stiff, but its not. It also hurts a lot to press on these muscles. I that MS type muscle pain? I know its hard to say cause every case is different.

Neuro says clear MRI, no MS, but what el could be cauing it?