First consulant meetinng

Morning, i have had concerns about MS for almost 3yrs. I took unwell suddenly in May 21 and had various symptoms which lasted a few weeks but left me with a fuzzy/tingly head for months and fatigue of varying strengths ever since. Then in Dec 23 i took unwell again suddenly with the same synptoms. I stupidly googled and synptoms are similar to MS and i think my anxiety levels rose due to this. I got my vit levels checked to rule that out, my vit d is 27 so almost severe and my b12 is just in the normal range. My GP put me on supplements. The neuro referral at my local hospital is a 1yr wait so fortunately i was able to go private. I went to see the consultant last week and he was amazing, he listened to all my history and done a full examination. He says me symptoms are very general to any medical and his examination didnt cause any concern, although had he examined me back in Dec then i think my balance and strength would have been different. He still wants me to have an MRI just to check but also to ease my mind. Now im getting anxious about the MRI. Any tips on relaxing during it?
Also last night after being 100% back to normal for a couple of weeks, i went to bed and my legs from knees down were tingling and i had heartburn/tingling feeling on top of my chest just below throat. I then got upset as now the consultant doesnt suspect MS im thinking its all in my head. I really dont want MS diagnosis but i want to know that it isnt all in my head and there is some medical explanation for how i feel.

Hey Jill,

After going through the clicky magnet tube aka the MRI a good few times now main thing I can suggest is if the MRI team let you take a CD of music to have played while its going on is a good way. I have to agree with the consultant about getting a MRI to know for sure whats going on.

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There’s nothing you need to do at the moment. The process is underway and all you need to do is to let it play itself out.

Don’t worry about the MRI. If you’re technically minded, you’ll find it fascinating. If (like me) you aren’t, you can marvel at something barely distinguishable from magic.

Good luck with it all.


You’ve got an MRI coming up, which probably means the doctor is at least not 100% ready to rule out MS or other neuro issues.

I’m in a similar boat, where I’m waiting for an MRI and the consultant was non-commital about what he did or didn’t suspect. I have no idea what they actually think, and in a way it’s irrelevant - they have ordered the MRI so there is some tests to go off when diagnosing. I switch between being sure the doctor was gently trying to warn me about probable MS and believing their words on face value (“MRI to rule it out”). In the end, until they do the MRI I won’t have any clearer indication.

It’s a stressful time for sure, and a long process so look after yourself.

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Hi Jill, I’ve had many MRIs over my 18 years of MS and can’t say that I’ve ever got used to them - the experience isn’t too bad but I’m always glad when it’s finished. You get a hand held button to press if you want to stop and through a little mirror angled over your head you can see the team who operate the MRI. There is audio contact with the team who usually ask how you are getting on. At my most recent scan, the team told me that the scan was going to last for 20 mins or so and through the audio link let me know when each 5 min segment had finished. I found that being told how much time had passed and thus how many more minutes there were to go made a big difference to me. In all other scans Ive sort of lost track of time and the scan seemed never ending. It really helped me to know that ‘OK I’m now half way through, only 10 mins to go , and ‘oh great, just another 5 mins to go’.

I’m going to ask if the same can be done at my next scans.

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Hi Jill,

You’ll be maybe worried the first time, it is a bit surreal but I weirdly nearly fall asleep in them now. :joy: Maybe ask the operators how long it’ll last and what to expect to hear and for how long.

You get ear plugs and ear muffs so actually it’s obviously still loud but for example when I had it done if someone took me in they are like “WTF that was mental loud” where as inside it’s a bit loud but not too crazy like hearing a nightclub through a wall.

Would also say make sure to really squeeze up the earplug along the front bit going in your ear so it goes really deep in (just used at work a lot sometimes so that’s how you get a better seal it makes a big difference.

Don’t be too worries about it they’ll have you in and out in no time. :smiley:


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