Is this MS?

Hi everyone, I decided it is time for me to voice my concerns somewhere with people who have MS. I am having some symptoms that are worrying me. I have been to the doctor twice and he mentioned MS (he doesn’t think I have it, but brought it up as a possibility). I broke down crying out of fear yesterday because I have never had these symptoms before. About two weeks ago I developed an odd dizziness/head sensation. I don’t feel like I’m spinning or the room is spinning, but every few minutes its like I have a brief lapse in reality…like a half second where I feel like my eyes are adjusting/have loss of balance. It’s hard to explain. Also, a couple of days ago my left arm started to feel weak and it has for the past two days. Doctor did a strength test and did say it was weak. My husband noticed too. I dropped my phone a couple of times due to weak grip. Anyway, doctor diagnosed me with BPPV and told me to do Epley maneuver. If symptoms don’t improve to come back and I’ll get a scan. Well, they haven’t improved and I’m worried. This is the only thing that comes up when I look up symptoms…what were your first symptoms like? Has anyone experienced this type of dizziness Ive mentioned? I just want an answer and I’m scared.

I know it’s easier said than done, but take a deep breath and calm down. Yes, what you describe COULD be MS but it could just as easily be a hundred other thing - some neurological and some not. It could well be BPPV that is being slow to clear and you need a referral to an ENT specialist. Go back to your Doctor and explain what is happening. As well as a scan/referral you should ask your doctor to request a blood test for your Vitamin D and - most importantly IMHO - a test for your Vitamin B12 levels.

Remember that a “Full Blood Test” does not test for what most of us would think was a “full” range of things or even the range of things well would think of as standard! B12 deficiency can cause a lot of symptoms that are similar to MS.

And stay away from Dr Google. He’s RUBBISH!!! Very, very, VERY rarely gives anything lime an accurate diagnosis.

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Thank you. I’m trying to remind myself that Google isn’t always right, but I just don’t know what to make of these symptoms. I go to sleep every night thinking they will be gone when I wake up but they are still there. I will push for those tests, but I just have a strange feeling that it is something else. I definitely need to calm down though. I feel like anxiety can make these symptoms worse…

Well, went back to the doctor after symptoms haven’t improved and he is ordeing and MRI. Left side feels weak all day (leg and arm) whereas before it was just my arm, still have this weird dizzy sensation…that happens throughout the day. I was hoping the weakness was from anxiety but it is constant. I wake up and it is immediately there. Really starting to worry as it has been two weeks…