Hi All,

Vertigo was one of my first symptoms that I experienced but obviously at the time I didn’t know that I actually already had MS and I didn’t find that out until about 5 years later.

Anyway, I’ve had it on and off for a number of years now and I’m just going through another bad ‘episode’ at the moment. So what I was wondering is - will this always be the case?

Any thoughts/advice would be much appreciated.


Twinkle Toes x

Dear Twinkle Toes, I phoned my GP about vertigo on Thursday and on this website, wrote a thread called dizziness. Kindly a couple of people gave me great advice. I also wrote to my MS nurse, I am sharing her response, which I also found useful.

She wrote…

Hi Ali

Sorry to hear this. Your GP is correct, dizziness/vertigo is a common symptom in MS but he will need to refer you on for assessment so that you can have the , most appropriate treatment. As with most symptoms in MS they may be better some days than others and they may be exacerbated by things like stress and change in temperature… it may be the sudden warmer weather that has exacerbated it this time? As there would be a link there in the number of days that you have had the symptoms increased?

Your Gp can prescribe for acute dizziness something like a Stematil or Cinnarizine may be of benefit but these are not for long term use.

He may also consider a referral to ENT for assessment and they may the refer you for vestibular physiotherapy which is specifically aimed at dizziness and inner ear problems.

Have you informed the DVLA of your MS? End of email.

Hope this helps. Ali x

Hi Ali,

Thank-you for your reply and a copy of your MS Nurse response.

I have been to the Doctor (another new Doctor again) who actually didn’t really look into anything (my notes) or my MS and just gave me a prescription for the tablets I always have - Betahistine Dihydrochloride. I felt a bit disappointed but as I already have an appointment with my MS Nurse I thought I would discuss it with her instead and see where I can go from there.

I’m aware that it is one of my MS symptoms but not sure if I will always suffer with it.

I can also relate to what your MS Nurse says about it being exacerbated by the change in weather and temperature but also about the Stress as unfortunately I have had a big change in my Personal Circumstances which has triggered some of my MS symptoms and my Stress levels, which in turn has set off my Vertigo.

I will ask my MS Nurse about a referral to ENT for an up-to-date assessment as it’s been a while I guess and I will also see about getting/seeing a new Doctor and hopefully I can get some more answers.

Many thanks for your help and advice.

Twinkle Toes x