Off balance

Is feeling dizzy a symptom of MS? I have felt really unsteady the last two days and actually been sick I felt so bad. Is this likely to go away any time soon and if anyone else has it how long dies it last? It only goes away when I lie down. MARY

yes it most certanly is mary.

i has a mild relapse over christmas that lasted a month/5 weeks and this was one of the problems.

i suggest you contact your ms nurse (if your lucky enough to have one) and tell them whats going on.

i got my hand slapped last month on my visit to hospital for not informing them as they said they would have most likely had me in for steroid treatment.

i have suffered with this symton for a while. i was prescribed Stugeron / Cinnarazine. it does help. But sometimes the sympton is temporary so constant medication is not required. It is worth discussing with your GP or MS Nurse.

Thanks for that. I am contacting my GP and trying to get an appointment. Have not got a proper diagnosis yet but although I have felt a bit dizzy before today is much worse…thanks for the replies - it helps to know it isn’t just me.


Hi Mary,

Yes dizziness is a symptom -was one of my three in 6 month symptoms that lead to diagnosis.

See Dr and hope they can give you meds. Told the Dr I fet drunk without the alcohol!!

Hope it clears up soon.

Jen x


this seems like a typical ms sympton. my first sympton was dizziness and dreadful vertigo but as i had not been diagnosed then dr thought it was sinuses!! There is medication that really helps - a tablet called serc is good. I still have no balance at all but I have just got used to it - I am always walking into things. It bothers others more than me!!

Hope you get help with it

take care