Dizzy off balance and more!

Hi, my doctor suspects Labyrinthitis, i’m not so sure anymore. I started with been off balance and feeling dizzy back in December. Also had at times a very heady sensation, concentration seemed dazed, shakey sensation through out my body, although most of the time not noticeable to others. It is however noticeable after i dance (jive) woo does that have an affect once I stop dancing, not so much when i actually am, it affects how i walk after too. Can’t do too much in the day as it tends to wipe me out. Before this dizziness started, I had had leg spasms during the night but had put this down to the menopause. My vision is becoming affected now… all this is beginning to suggest to me something other than Labyrinthitis. I have an ENT appointment finally at the end of March. Everyday is different, but my head, concentration feels cloudy an awful lot. I really don’t feel like me anymore. could i be right in beginning to think this could be M.S?

hi dizzymiss

you need a referral to neurology.

don’t tell the neuro that you think you have ms because you could be seen as a hypochondriac.

just tell about your symptoms - when they started, if they eased off or got worse, etc.

with a bit of luck the ENT specialist might refer you to neurology.

with a bit more luck it could well be something other than ms.

whilst awaiting diagnosis i didnt feel like me either and when saw myself in a mirror i’d think “who is that imposter?”

my solution was to have my long blonde hair cut into a short crop and dyed pinky mauve.

i’ve had loads of colours now and will never go back to my own colour!!

carole x