Hi Now I know I saw a thread with this title not so long ago, but can I find it…well no, so thought I would start another. I had a bit of a dramatic start to the day. I woke up late and when I got up I felt very dizzy. I thought I had better get a phone which I managed to grab before landing on the study floor. I couldn’t get up the room was spinning so I phoned hubby who came back from work to rescue me and get me back to bed. I have slept most of the day and have a headache. It is the first time this has happened. I phoned rebif helpline, as I am quite new to it, but they said it wasn’t a side effect. When I looked on ms website it said it could be an ms symptom. I guess it could also be a virus but not sure how to tell. Anyone else have any experience of this? Mish x


Well this is a symptom I have every single day and when I feel like this I tend to stay in a wheelchair and on better days I have a walking stick for balance.

So you are def not alone, I had this before I had Rebif so I would say it is a MS symptom for sure.

I hope this has been sorted as much as it can be x

In the last few weeks I had symptoms of when I lay down the room was spinning at a great speed, I was fine when I finally managed to stand up, gp put me on tablets and it’s helped although lasted a number of weeks, they have also written to my neuro so just awaiting appointment to see him. Mine seemed very much like vertigo and I don’t know if its anything to do with ms but will see what they say. Hope your feeling better x

I had this once so badly that i collapsed on the floor and couldn’t get up! Had to have the ambulance! (what a drama!)

It is definately an ms symptom. I was not diagnosed at the time but was soon after this,

I was given steroids. I was in relapse which i didn’t know at the time.

The rebif will not be in your system yet as you have only just started it. Hopefully this should start to improve soon. I was in bed for a week as the vertigo/dizziness was so bad.

I started the rebif soon after this and i have not had it again - thank god as it was awful!

I would ring your ms nurse if you have one for advice. She may say you need steroids (if you want them) and then your gp can give you some. My gp had to come to the house as i couldn’t even stand up never mind make it to the surgery.

How are you feeling now? Are you still dizzy?


Do not think that the dmd is not working as its such early days.

Thank you so much for your replies. It is a horrible symptom. Well having slept through most of yesterday and then all night, I woke up this morning feeling ok so I don’t know if it was the ms or something else. I sort of hope it was something else but will just have to see if it returns. it was very scary at the time. Thanks again. Mish x Carole, I think it was more like Buzz Lightyears ‘falling with style’ lol

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Mich - how is the vertigo now?