Repeated Random Bouts of Vertigo


Lately I’ve been getting these odd bouts of dizziness/vertigo sporadically, cant put my finger on the cause. Does anyone else experience this? Would it be something to ask my nurse about?

Yes, vertigo I a fairly common symptom of MS…I just wish mine was sporadic…I have had it for 15 months and indeed it is what led me to neurological investigations and a diagnosis.

Yeah I’ve had vertigo before and they prescribed steroids and took me off Avonex and put me on Rebif. Just found it odd that its sporadic, VEry distracting whilst trying to work.

I’ve had odd little spells of dizziness too. I don’t mind when it only lasts 10 mins or so, I take it as a sign that I need to rest up and then it eases off. I’ve only had one day where it lasted all day and that was awful, so you, Mrs H, have my sympathy. I couldn’t do anything without feeling really sea sick.

Usually when I get the little spells it means that something bigger is brewing unless I pace myself very carefully. I’ve had a few spells recently when I was in between DMDs so that was a bit worrying but hopefully nothing will come of it. It’s a good excuse to leave the housework :wink:

Tracey x