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Hope you are all well. I was wondering if anyone has experienced the following. I started getting vertigo and dizziness about 2 months ago along with some weird and wonderful things that came with it such as double vision and nystagmus. My right arm had a severe tremor and the GP gave me Diazempam for that (they are great for sleeping during the night) and the MS nurse prescribed steroids to help with the whole lot (walking is off and now dependent on stick). Ok background history done.

My query is this, my steroids finished 3 days ago (1g per day for 3 days - all 10 tablets taken in the morning). My dizziness and nausea has returned with a vengeance and the nape of my neck is quite painful when clothing brushes past it. This morning, I seem to be starting to have panic attacks and can’t stand being in a crowded place. I have phoned the MS nurse and am waiting for a reply. Any ideas on whether this is normal?

Hmmm? Certainly sounds horrid for you.

Im sorry I cant offer any advice, just my best wishes for a speedy recovery from this. My MS nurse sometimes doesn`t reply to my ansaphone messages for a few days.

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Re dizziness and nausea; I had this for my first ever big relapse (pre diagnosis) and you have my complete sympathy because I felt so nauseated I truly wished I would expire with alacrity. I’m afraid to say it lasted several months, and even after my diagnosis / steroids it took months to fully leave me. It was worsened by almost anything - movement, lying on my back with my eyes to the ceiling for some reason, loud noises - how I imagine a no grained is but it never seemed to end! Eventually (good news now) did go away, although I still have tablets to take when I get an ‘attack’ (normally when tired). There are some anti-nausea medications you can try. I use domperidone, but they also have my prochlorperazine and betahistine dihydrochloride to try. This can definitely be a symptom of MS, and besides time there are things that can help! I know it’s seriously debilitating so I hope it leaves you alone soon x

*migraine. Wretched predictive text!