Hi All,

Okay so I was Dx last July, now having a relapse, saw the MS nurse yesterday and she’s told me to take Betahistamine for my vertigo and dizziness, its my worst symptom…

Anyone taken these? Do they work, I was previously on Cinnarizine (stugeron).

Thanks Chelle x

Hi Chelle

Sorry to hear you are having a relapse. Ive tried both of these drugs when I had terrible dizziness in a relapse, but for me neither one worked. The steroids did help in speeding up my recovery though. Have you been offered steroids? I hope it doesnt last too long. Best wishes heather

Hi Chelle.

Sorry to hear that you were diagnosed last july and have been going through a relapse. I was diagnosed last june and one of my symptoms was dizzyness. I was prescribed the same two drugs as you but as my doctor said they dont cure it they just take the edge off of it. I posted on here with the same problem and one person came back and told me about some exercises that you can do to help with the dizzyness, they are called Cooksey Cawthorne exercises. I started doing these exercises and also go to physio where i do various exercises. I have found that this has helped, i still suffer slightly with dizzyness at the moment but not as bad as it was but hopefully with these exercises that i do and with time the dizzyness will go completely (i hope).

Hope this has helped. Take care


Thanks ladies, the nurse did offer the steriods but said it wasnt worth me taking them as ive been in a relapse for about 4 weeks?