Anxiety or relapse?

Hi all, hope everyone’s as well as poss and if not, that the bad times pass quickly xx I was hoping for some opinions on my current situation cos as I’ve never had a definite identifiable relapse since ON ten years ago, I’m confused!!! Have had lots of little blips where don’t feel well, muscles in back and legs stiffer than usual in a morning and fatigue attacks a few times a day. My ongoing symptoms are mild , morning stiffness in back and legs, occasional neuralgia, variable fatigue and constant low level anxiety. I usually have problems on getting up then improve as day goes on. I have no vision , bladder or bowel or motor problems as yet. Recently I had a bad anxiety attack lasting a few days followed by severe fatigue and painful muscles also some neuralgia , IBS and constipation. I felt weak and absolutely terrible, pulled muscles in my upper and lower back, suffering lumbago and siatica type pain as well as spasticity in my legs. Morning spasms are horrendous and fatigue is worse than ever and there as soon as I do anything like shower or walk up the stairs or wash up etc. I have started taking pregabalin twice a day and am now improving, I have less pain, am less tired and much less anxious. Have I had a relapse? Or has my anxiety been just been out of control? Would be grateful for any opinions or experiences that might enlighten me. Thanx

Hi there. I’m feeling bit like you. I was diagnosed over 4 years ago. I had mild pain. But mobiliy was my main issue. And I was quite ignorant to ms. Didn’t read too much in to it as I just didn’t want to know. It never stopped me from doing things and at times I forgot I had MS. I would say the past 8 months I have rapidly got worse. I now have severe mobility issues where I cant stand let alone walk. I have had few relapses this yr alone. Which at time didn’t know was relapse as been new symptoms I have been taking. And I am now wondering if is secondry Ms. I have been off work sick since Thursday. I can not walk at all and bin given high dosage steroids 500mg for five days. Steroirds worked first day and I was bit mobile again. Only had 2 dosages of steroids and now cant sleep. Constantly shaking and heart bumping out ma chest. I have ordered crutches online see if will give me confidence to walk outside. Having some reflexology tonight. Will try anything to get on feet. I have also took bad neuralgia. And pain up side face is like nothing like anything experienced before. Ms nuse thinks this is what has brought relapse on. I have also been very stressed at work lately. We have had 3 staff members leave since end April. And company have not replaced anyone. Like you I don’t know if this is anxiety or relapse. I cant see light at end of this and me getting my mobility back. I asked doctor last week if I could go back on beta blockers but he advised against it. As I am starting tricfedera after finish course of steroids. I fully understand what you going through and it is very frightening. Take care … Violet xx

Thanx for replying violet lets hope we both feel calmer very soon then maybe we can tell the difference xx big hugs to you

You too xx

Do you have an infection? Urine infections can do that to me. Hope you get back to where you were. Don