Hi, Just wondering if anyone can help,as a this is very much a learning curve? I have not yet been diagnosed but due to see my Neurologist next month. Had various bouts of optic neuritis and MRIs have shown lesions. My Neurologist says that my Lumbar Puncture results support an MS diagnosis, he believes it is relapsing and remitting. He said he should be ready to diagnose at my next appointment. I have felt rubbish all day, office at work was really stuffy and hot. I have just felt out of sorts today, difficult to put my finger on why though. I went to get some fresh air and used the lift. As soon as it moved I felt really peculiar. Next thing I remember is the lift doors opening and being on my hands and knees. I managed to crawl out, quite relieved no one could see me. The feeling settled after a while once I sat down and rested. I think, but it is all such a blur, that before I fainted I was shaking. I know it is easy to put every symptom down to neuro stuff but has anyone else had issues with fainting fits? Thank you for reading, sorry if it is a bit rambly.

When I was ill I started getting light headed. I found out that I had low blood pressure and when I stood up it would shoot down and make me pass out. So it might not ms related but your blood pressure causing the problem. Since I have got better I still get it every now and then but it doesn’t make me pass out any more. I would see your gp. Have you lost a lot of weight I lost seven and a half stone it didn’t help matters very much, they did find out what it was thank goodness,I am coeliac.been alright since I have been on the diet. Good luck Kay

Hi Kay, Many thanks for your reply. Sounds like you have had a lot going on, glad your low blood pressure is calming down for you. I have had high blood pressure for a few years but it was related to my psoriasis medication, which has been changed. I came off blood pressure tablets a year ago. Sadly, wish I had lost weight but have gained a bit over recent months. Will chat with my GP soon, concerned they will be sick of the sight of me. Thanks again and hope you have a good week.