falling down

I have had MS for over 20 years and am in a wheelchair full-time. Last week I was standing and holding on to a grab rail when I felt as if I was about to faint. I didn’t lose consciousness but was unable to save myself and went down like a ton of bricks! All I have to show for this is a big purple bruise on my bottom, but I wondered if this is “normal” for MS?

Hi Lorisan

Are you relapsing remitting or progressive? If RR, it could be a relapse.

Or vertigo maybe? Regardless of the label attached to your MS.

Have you tested / had your wee tested for a UTI?

Have you spoken to your MS nurse? And/or GP?

(How did you get up? Are you able to get yourself up?)

Have you felt lightheaded at any other time? Had you eaten?

There are many reasons for such a collapse. Some MS related, and some not. But you should make sure you talk to someone medical about it.


I agree with Sue, see your GP who can arrange for the appropriate tests. I don’t attribute every symptom to MS. For example, my GP is currently looking into why I have abdominal pain. Best wishes, Anthony