Sitting on the kitchen floor

Hi guys,
I slipped in the kitchen and could not get up. Banged my head against the fridge and landed with a bang. Scary as hell being helpless on the floor my husband thought he could lift me. I knew he could not - a horrible vision of my hubby landing on top of me!
We got help and a part from one very big bruise on my right buttock all is well.
Take care guys and be safe. Mx

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Aw poor you. Good job your husband didn’t try picking you up, frying pans and fire come to mind!

I’m glad you weren’t badly hurt, just make sure if you have any repercussions from banging your head that you get help!!

MS = the gift that just keeps giving!!


Oh, dear. i hope you’re not too stiff and sore today.

My biggest fear is that I’ll fall in the bathroom. My boy lives with me, and I really don’t want him to have to rescue me if I’m naked!

Oh M I am sorry to hear this, glad it only ended with a bruise, and hope you’re ok today.

It’s a horrible feeling when you’re on the floor and cannot get up, another little ‘gift’ from this crap disease.

Take care

Pam x

Sorry to hear about the fall, but a good thing your hubby didn’t try to lift you and end up with both of you on the floor. Lucky, though, that its only a bruise :slight_smile: It seems like, for us MSers, falls can’t be avoided altogether. :upside_down_face:

Flippin’heck, that is horrible. I am glad you are OK and that your husband was not hurt or too distressed. Until one has been in this position it can be difficult to understand. For me the fear of falling is compounded by the dread of someone hurting themselves when trying to help me up. I try to be vigilant about finding “safe” routes and being aware of robust climbing holds. The speed when I fall never ceases to maze me. I managed to headbutt the bedroom door shut as I fell behind the door blocking access for help. I felt the need for a high volume tirade of expletives which did not really help the situation. If a helper can’t safely pick you up they might help by rolling you on to a towel or blanket which is easier to drag to a better position. Arnica is good to help with bruising. Hope you stay upright. Mick

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Hi hope you are ok. Falling is horrible and trying to get up is a nightmare. I hope you are not too stiff today. xxx

really sorry this happened. do you use a rollator in house? i dont walk anywhere without mine now. being 70 with osteopenia i am worried about the old bones. stay safe ok. you can buy a device that can help you be lifted. Easy get up. i know its mainly for getting up from chairs and beds but it could effectively help you get up from the floor too. i find its not being able to grab something to lift me up with and stabilse me. touch wood i havent fallen nearly but not fully. My problem is not being able to lift my left foot up and bashing it lol. xxxxx

Thank you everyone for your kind comments, I do use a rollator (4 wheels) all the time my feet just slipped away. No warning! Very lucky not to knock myself out or break a bone. Take care, be safe Mx

It’s a super-scary feeling when your body lets you down, it dips my mood when it happens.

At least we get up and keep going! Hope you feel ok today :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Yes, I take Rivoroxaban anticoagulants, which is a blood thinner because as well as MS, I have Atrial Fibrillation. A small bruise can turn into one 12" diameter because of the Rivoroxaban, and I find Arnica of great help. It can be be purchased from Amazon as a gel. Large 250 mls bottle for £7.50 or a litre bottle for £15.25.

glad you use a rollator HMS, but how did your feet slip away are you only wearing socks? lol.

Just you go steady ok. xxxx

Hi Crazy Chick
I was transferring to another chair that ‘someone’ had adjusted to their height! Next thing I knew was bang, feet went and head thumped the fridge, bum on kitchen floor. Do you ever think that we spend so much time looking ahead,
for possible problems counting steps etc. It’s knacker*** but there is always something unexpected waiting to bite you? How many times in a day do you say that was lucky? Be safe guys, M :heart:x

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The conscious effort to stay upright is pretty tiring. My wife hates it when she hears me muttering “flippin’ heck (or similar) that was close” :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I had a fall in the bathroom after my husband had gone off to play golf some time ago. He couldn’t have picked me up if he’d been there anyway. Not only was I stuck, wet and naked on the floor, I was behind the door! So, I managed to get onto my bottom and shuffle far enough away from the door, which hadn’t slammed shut, so I could pull it open. I then shuffled into the bedroom where my clothes were already laid out on the bed. I got dressed, then shuffled some more to the phone. I had no choice but to ring for an ambulance. I’d been determined that I would not subject them to the sight of my naked body! They were marvellous, said as it wasn’t an emergency I’d have to wait. Absolutely no problem with that. However they arrived within 15 minutes, picked me up, handed me my crutches and saw me safely settled in a chair before leaving. I told them they’d been spared the sight of me naked! :joy: That was the last time I had a shower when home alone, and I now have a pendant alarm.

Flowerpot, sorry you fell , but here’s to your “little” victory in maintaining your dignity and sparing any blushes. Nice one. And it is good to hear that there was such a swift and positive response.