Be careful peeps of falls

Hi peeps, I have only just started back on the forum as I had a nasty fall. As some of you will already know I have spms and last August went to sit on a chair, came over dizzy slipped off it. I landed on my coccyx found out I had fractured my coccyx and had fractured my L1. Extremely painful, so you guys please take extra care. Janet x

Big hugs hope you’re feeling better xx Dawn

Ouch! take care

Freckles xxx

ouch indeed,i also landed on mine,years ago,and i started with the MS 6 weeks after the fall,i swear thats what woke the ms in me,as you know its so very,very painful.

hope you are feeling stronger now Janet.

J x


I had a nasty fall in 2011 when I fell pulling a door of it’s hinges. I was alone and it’s the first time I had the ‘wind knocked out of me’. It’s is very scarey feeling. I could not take in air and breath or even speak for about a minute. You lungs are actually paralyzed.

When I fall now I pretend I have been rugby tackled going for a try!


Hi, Thanks for all your replies much appreciated. Janet X

Glad to see you back :slight_smile: Sam xx

Oh Janet.

That sounds really painful. You poor thing.

So glad you are back and thanks for the warning hun.

Shazzie xx

MrsJ I had a fall down the stairs holding on to two small buckets of concrete (doing the house up) seventeen years ago and I believe that was what triggered my MS, symtoms took a few months to come out but I do think physical trauma that happens to some of us triggers our MS. I came down the stairs on my coccyx as well and lesions happen in the spine and brain, I believe there is some sort of connection. Doesn’t happen to everyone but it does to some of us. LindaH x

Hi, Thank you Sam and Shazzie it’s good to be back, I’ve missed you gals. And Linda you have my sympathy and for telling me of your experience. Painful or what? Janet x