Was it MS?


I wonder if anyone has had a similar experience to what I had last week?

Basically I had a fall from approx. 3ft landing on my back & which resulted in me breaking one of my vertebra. Unfortunately my husband had gone out for a short while so I was on my own, in a lot of pain & not near the phone or my mobile. I managed to pull myself on my back across the floor to where the phone was & rang 999. There were no available ambulances in the area at the time but would send one to me as soon as they could. In the meantime I was to lie still & not to move head, back etc. Just over a hour later a first response paramedic arrived and gave me much appreciated pain relief & updaing ted the ambulance service as to what category I was. I was able to respond to all questions, I hadn’t been knocked out so was a low category. The paramedic did all his checks repeating them several times and which were all ok until things suddenly changed. I was aware of everything going on around me, but could neither talk or do anything he asked of me. As I got worse he contacted the control centre to upgrade the category & an ambulance was there within minutes. After about 15mins I was gradually able to respond again but it was a really strange experience & I can only think it had something to do with my MS, I have SPMS. Has anyone else had this sort of experience or know of anyone who has as it was really surreal?

Hi Elvelero

That must have been quite scarey! I’ve not experienced not being able to talk or respond but I have experienced a feeling where I really don’t feel normal but really strange and the description surreal does sum it up! I presumed it was hormonal as I’m in peri menopause at the moment. I’ve had this on several occasions and each time it’s scarey and it normally lasts for a couple of hours then just disappears.

How is your back now?

Ann x

Hi. Elevero

How are you?

Ann x

Your post title asked What is MS?

It’s a chuff, that’s what it is.

And a chuffin chuff at that!

Hope your recovering well from the fall!


Soz, you didn’t ask what is MS, you asked was it MS?

I read it wrong.!

Either way, MS is still a chuffin chuff!


I thought you said at 06:25,you were going to bed???

Not feeling sleepy Polls?

RooBoo xx

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I meant 18:25… xx

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You spying on me Roobs?


Thankyou everyone who has replied to my post. I’m still feeling a little bit battered but otherwise I’m fine, thankyou.