I have been living with MS for 10 years and to be honest, I have been very lucky, have had great treatment and handled most things well. Like most who come here, i have suffered pain from time to time, numbness in places and that general feeling of fatigue. However, yesterday something happened to me that has never happened to me before, I blackout.

One minute I was standing with my hands on the kitchen worktop talking to my wife, the next my legs collapsed, I cracked my chin on the worktop and the world went very scary. In fact, I sort of recall trying to stop the fall pushing my legs to a standing position but apparently this only caused me to collapse again, again hitting my chin on on the work top the way down!

My wife wrapped me in a blanket and I lay on the floor for over half an hour. I was struggling to speak (must have a glass chin) and my limbs where heavy and hard to move. Once I had regained a little composer, I managed to craw up stairs and back to bed (this all happened about 6.30am, I have been up for 10 to 15 minutes before I collapsed)

Its now Monday, I have driven to work, I have a head ache, I feel a little weak and a little shaky. Now here’s the question, do we think this is my MS? You might think that this is a silly question to ask, but I was not aware that MS can do this, and I wonder if I am just run down. Any comments would be greatly received.


(Ps, blood pressure normally average)

you have pm

MS can (uncommonly) cause blackouts, but you will need tests (MRI and EEG) to rule out other causes and determine whether or not treatment is necessary. I think it would be wise to contact your GP. Making a note of what happened is a good idea, as the doctor will need a full history from you and any witnesses. I worked in Neurology for 30 years, and can assure you that a loss of consciousness should always be taken seriously. Hope you’re feeling better now.

Sorry, that may have sounded a bit serious, and it may well have been nothing - what I meant is that a LOC is worth checking out!

Hi Gingernut

Thanks for coming back to me and no worries, I don’t panic easily. I have decided to speak to my GP but I am feeling a bit better, just a head ache now, yesterday was a struggle but today is much brighter (so far!!)

Thank you for your advice.


Frankly you shd have gone to A and E. collapsing and losing consciousness and cracking your chin. 3 reasons right there. Should get jaw x rayed if nothing else. And you certainly should not be driving! what happens if you black out then!!

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Hi Jason, I’m so sorry you had the blackout and obviously hurt yourself. Please see your GP and do not drive. It’s actually illegal to do so. You have no insurance cover or a valid licence after what happened to you, obviously you have other road users to consider as well.