Passing out

Hi guys new here and not sure if I am in the right place eeek. I have m.s been diagnosed 8 years in January. Of late I have been having tightening in the back of my brain followed by black outs has anyone ever experienced this??

Been suffering blackouts since January. Had many tests done, MRI, sleep latency test, Heart scans and numerous others.They have diagnosed me with excessive sleepiness disorder. Cant elaborate on this anymore until I see nuero on 5th January. It is so scary I pass out anywhere. Dont get any warning of it happening? This is awful when it happens in public been a long 11 months to get answers.Do you get nose bleeds? My M.S nurse has said she has met no-one before with this. She will be coming along to this meeting with me also.


that sounds weird enough to be ms!

i’ve fainted because i have postural hypotension - if i bend down or look up, my blood pressure plummets and i faint.

i found out about it one morning when i was making cups of tea for husband and son then next thing i knew there were 2 paramedics kneeling beside me and i was in a puddle of blood. cracked my head open!!

hope you find out what it is and more importantly hope you are helped to get rid of it.

carole x

Mmm tell me about it. It is very scary. Sorry to hear that u had such a bad injury. My last faint was also in the kitchen. Just not nice at all. Just hope they can get to the bottom of it promptly

It’s all too scary.

hi chublock

my gp said that my sodium levels were too low and i should have a spoonful of salt.

yuck! i have a packet of ready salted crisps.

then a do-gooder health advisor (yea - thought so too) went through my diet with me.

do you drink a lot of beer? Me - yes.

do you eat a lot of sweets? Me - no.

do you eat crisps? Me - yes because my gp told me to!!!

take care. get yourself checked out.

carole xxx

This is what I just posted… Sound like you?

Hi it’s Danielle, so today my legs decided they wanted to buckle again. I was feeling ridiculously tired beforehand so I’m guessing the fatigue was the culprit!
I then had what I can only describe as an out of body experience . Fell to the floor (yes again)! I felt disorientated, confused and tearful. I could not get up for the life of me. I just lay there hearing voices around me but couldn’t will myself to move. Diagnosis partial seizure! REALLY!!! Waaaaaaaa!!!
Hope your well and having a better time than me. (Feeling a little sorry for myself today) :frowning: x

when you black out, are you aware of what’s around you?

Wow this illness it’s like a roller coaster just you don’t get off.:-(. Mine is like a black out. Not very safe. After I have my episode I am very shaky and pale.

Maybe it’s a form of a seizure? Many episode was witnessed by a and e consultant whilst at work and he said mine was like a focal seizure. It sounds like a form of a seizure. Afterward do u feel out of sorts and not with it? X

WOW. I feel exactly like that when I come round I feel shaky and like I was going to fit a full blown one.It goes like this tightening in the lower part of my brain. Noticed also it comes when talking or if I get het up or too much is going on around me. You hit the nail f me.