Falling a lot for no reason?

Hello, I haven’t been on here in a while, I hope you don’t mind my return because I went through a phase of leading to a diagnosis of whatever I have but it abruptly stopped when I became pretty badly mentally unwell it’s a real boundary and doctors stop listening put everything down to it. I may have to return to the doctor, I’m good mentally but something has been happening over the past week physically; I have fallen over 10 times for no reason, I don’t lose balance, I don’t get dizzy or disorientated I just fly or fall straight to the ground today I had to walk twenty minutes on flat ground. I fell four times, I just fall, no obstructions I just find myself going to the ground I’ve got scrapes and bruises everywhere, it’s not like I’m twisting my ankles as they’d be sore to walk on afterwards but my mum is getting me some ankle supports just incase. I’m confused and quite scared, it’s like my body is giving up on me just as I’m getting my mind back on track. I’m just wondering could this be MS? Anyone else here experienced this? I’m 21 so this is not normal, I’m aware if I had no mental illness I’d go straight away and book an appointment but I’m hesitant. I hope someone here understands, I don’t feel like I can trust my own two feet. I hope your day is allowing you to cope, I’d really appreciate anything, take care.

Hi Sparrow, interestingly that is where my whole dx journey started form. Started to fall flat on my face for no real reason. i could go from talking to someone standing perfectly upright to next thing I know being flat on my face on the ground!

I had already noticed a drop/drag in my left foor but the ocaasions I fell were where i was on stable flat ground. It’s not a normal thing to happen and needs investigation.

I have mebarresed myself seberal times including today where the Consultant asked me to stand still and close my eyes, Did this 3 times, each time I fell over. Hubby though it was hilarious and awarded me a “fail” on by balance test

It could possibly be a vestibular condition rather than MS, but don’t assume anything at the moment. I use a stick now to keep me upright, so maybe a thought for you if you don’t already have one. i find showering difficult as when i close my eyes to rimse my hair I usually stumble or fall and land on some particullarly vicious taps we have

Flling over is not a mental condition, its physical, so you need to push for help. Have you seen a neuro or Gp recently?


Thank you for your reply, I’m sorry you’ve had these experiences, it’s hard! I have never seen neuro as they never referred me for some unknown reason sent me to different specialists for the different symptoms, my mum has considered going private because she thinks I need to see neuro, looks like this may lead to it if it carries on, I tend to avoid my GP out of embarrassment but if the ankle supports do nothing and I continue to fall as I’m scared it will happen on the stairs or on a road, I will go and drag my mum along with me to support me. Thank you again, I’m glad I’m not alone but sorry you experience this, take care!

I have fallen can’t get in and out of bath without help I just don’t have the strength last time I tried alone I ended up with bruises but falling was when I knew something was wrong. After a year of a bad gp I changed I lost my balance and walking is very difficult my feet drag and a year ago I was fit saw my neuro I am lucky he specialises in ms cause that’s what he suspects waiting for a MRI I use crutches to walk but won’t go further then 20 meters incase I fall. See a neuro :slight_smile: good luck.

Fresh air can be vicious - it used to attack me for no reason at all. (There are several accident forms in my file at work that say I fell over fresh air - there is no other explanation for it.)

I use a walking stick most of the time and I have exercises from a physio to strengthen my core muscles and improve my balance. They seem to be working - it’s well over a year since I last hit the floor.

Until my exercises started showing their effects, I used to worry about falling on the stairs. Then I remembered how my granny used to do stairs. She had a couple of falls and a mini stroke and one of her healthcare professionals taught her to go down the stairs sideways, facing the banister rail, one foot down, bring the other onto the same step, then first foot down to the next step and so on. It’s a bit slower than normal but it’s much safer because if you do fall, you’ll fall into the banister not straight down. And if, like me, you have both hands on the rail, you’re ready to grab and support yourself if necessary.

You’re right that falling over all the time isn’t normal - you do need to see your GP and discuss it with him. I can’t say whether it’s MS or something else, but you certainly need a referral to someone who can investigate and help you. Alongside that, ask your GP if he thinks a referral to a physio is worthwhile.

Good luck.

Go to a different gp. For years my symptoms were put down to anxiety and made me doubt my own symptoms. Nope. Best scenario is ‘just’ low b12, worst is ms and they missed it because they blamed my mental ill health for everything!!!

Thank you everyone, your replies are very kind and mean a lot, I’ve fallen a few more times and have made an appointment with the doctor, it’s with one of the main ones in the surgery, he’s also older so has a lot of experience, I’m hoping he’s kind. I’ve been paying close attention when I’m walking and it does come out of the blue I don’t notice any signs other than it happens when I’m at a reasonable speed otherwise I’m walking too slowly but I may start taking a stick out as it catches me so unaware I don’t get time to put my hands out and keep hitting my head or face thankfully not much damage. Thank you all for your support, I may update afterward, Take care.

Hi. I started falling three years ago. I was already using a stick because of bad back pain and untrustworthy knees. I was finding it difficult to pick my feet up, and could not step backwards at all. So one fall was because I tripped on the edge of a paving slab that was millimetres higher than the previous one, another time I was blown over by a sudden gust of wind when standing still- just knocked me back flat because I couldn’t adjust my feet quickly enough. Now, for a long time diagnosis was confused because I was recovering from chemotherapy for lymphoma, but at least I was in the loop for specialists, and had scans and tests done. Finally got a diagnosis of ppms this Jan. Your falling could well be a neurological problem, and even if it isn’t you have the right to expect tests to be done You have to get hold of a gp you can trust, and will listen to you and work for you. The gp is a hub between all the other specialists. If the hub doesn’t work, all communication breaks down. Find a good one and when you have, ask for him/her every time you make an appointment. I hope the one you see today works for you - best of luck. Kev

Hi, my first symptoms were falling…but it was caused by foot drop…which of course, I didnt recognise. I just thought I was being clumsy and putting weight on got the blame too, initially.

There is a reason for your falls, you just havent found that reason yet hun!

As you are feeling stronger mentally now, you need to see your GP and ask to be examined for this new problem.

It may be MS, or it may not…but it certainly needs attention.

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Hello, I am new here. I am 49 years old and am worried I might have MS My symptoms started with pins and needles 2 years ago in my hands first Thing in the morning only. I also started to urinate more frequently. Recently, I’ve had a tingling sensation in my arms and sometimes my legs, this lead To numbness, restricted movement like I’m paralysed temporarily. Lately I’ve started to wobble and nearly fall over, for no reason. I’ve been to the doctors , who said these symptoms are weird and referred Me to a neurologist. I went to a hospital after ringing 111, and had a brain Scan as they suspected a stroke, but this was ruled out, but the CT scan Revealed anomalies which need to be further investigated. I feel constantly tired. I appreciate any views or comments, as I am worried what could be wrong. My GP told me to ignore any episodes and he couldn’t offer any help or advice Other than refer me to the neurologist.


To start with, you have joined onto a thread that’s a bit old, and bears some relevance to your query but not entirely. To start a new thread for which you may have more answers, just hit the New Thread button, give it a title and away you go.

But, as far as helping you with your specific symptoms and worries, it’s beyond any of us here to give you much in the way of reassurance.

MS has a load of different symptoms, many of which are shared with other diseases. This is the reason why your GP had to refer you to a neurologist. Unfortunately, it’s a case of wait for your appointment with the neurologist, s/he will take a full medical history, do a neurological exam and refer you for more tests as appropriate. (Hopefully all of this will happen anyway!)

If you want to try to speed up the process, phone your hospital appointments team and ask if they have the referral and how long the wait is likely to be. You may be able to make the appointment there and then.

Sometimes people pay for an initial private appointment in hopes of speeding things up. But you’d have to be referred by your GP to a private neuro. Often people end up seeing the same neurologist privately as they would on the NHS so it’s quite easy to slot back into the NHS system following an initial private appointment. (Although, it must be said, sometimes people pay for an initial private appointment and are disappointed with what they’ve paid for.)

Meanwhile, all any of us can do is sympathise with you, it’s difficult living with frightening symptoms and not knowing what is causing them. We call it living in Limboland. It’s not a nice place to be.


i have atiaxia and have a dizzy head some times fall over any help

get a stick if you don’t feel safe.

ms or not.

broken bones will only add to your problems.

be careful out there!

(quote from hill street blues)