First time falling over : (

I was, thankfully, only in my living room but my legs buckled right under me leaving me sat on the floor.

I seem ok now though but bit of a shocker

Aww x bless you Deb xxx sending hugs xxxx

That must have been so scary for you - it hasn’t happened to me like that - only a couple of fall backs on the sofa or bed and of course regular trips up the stairs/steps/doorstops etc

I did however try to run (well walk fast more like) a while back - from a taxi to get my purse that I’d left in the car - and wow - my legs just went like a baby giraffe’s!!! I went totally sprawling!! White linen trousers ended up ripped and torn & soaked with blood from my knees, foot and hands!!! Never again!! It was before the wine too!!!




Karen x


I have fallen over many times, but the best one was when I was just walking along minding my own when suddenly there I was flat on the ground, shoe in the road and me befuzzled. Two kind ladies came to help and one said how on earth did you manage that? I quick as a flash replied ‘quite easily’. I felt so stupid, blood all over me my arm and leg hurt like mad.I guess my leg had just given way on me and down I went. After that I have always been very, very careful, even though I now use a stick. So take extra care where ever you are.

Janet x

P.S. The ground is very hard!!

I fell over in our hall, same thing, legs just forgot they belonged to me. My 8 and 9 year olds thought it was hilarious and ran for the camera! Believe it or not their reactiontook the distress out of what was happening to me. Weirdly though it hasn’t happened since and that was nearly a year ago. Hope our ok, Chis

hi, yeh it is really scary when we fall, I know.

Had umpteen falls meself in my walking days.

Each time I studied what happened to see if i could`ve avoided a fall. Answer was not much!

This is typical MS…your brain says walk…your feet don`t listen.

luv Pollx

i keep losing my footing and nearly fall over its wen am out i can walk so far then i look drunk n some people hav actully commented on me saying this time in the morning and shes been drinking and has a toddler with her aswell i just go home and want to cry . ive fell over a few times in the house but manave to hold on to the couch or something lol . its a horrable feeling wen it happins xxx heatherxxxxx

I have had a few falls, but a couple of weeks ago I spectacularly fell up the stairs at work and slid along the landing. Luckily there was someone at hand to help a very embarassed person up, as I find getting up quite difficult. However, it has made me realise that I need to have my stick with me all the time. Previously I only used to take it when I was walking quite a way. Now I have accepted that I need it, and it has actually given me more confidence, as I don’t have to keep looking at my daft feet all the time.


‘Up the stairs’ is quite spectacular Saffie! I’m the only one at work who trips over the carpet join strips but I keep saying I’d rather fall than have a stick - they say pride comes before a fall don’t they?

I’m still waiting for all this to magically disappear one day!!!


Hello everyone,

I recently posted about the ‘headache from hell’ after my lumbar puncture, I’m pleased to say this has now subsided. The only thing is I have been left feeling so weak, and during the time I was having to lay on my back to help the headache, if I had to get up to use the toilet for example, i found my legs just couldn’t support me and I had to grab hold of the wall or door frame to get there. I thought that this was all due to the headache and laying in bed for a week or so but i went back to work yesterday as I was only signed off for a week but because I didn’t feel quite right my boss told me to go back to the doctor, I did this today but when they called me I got up to walk in and I just lost all strength in my legs, I had to ask the doctor to bear with me, I thought he would perhaps help me but he just walked into his office, anyway I made it in there and he just took my blood pressure which was normal apparently, but he didn’t seem to know what to say to me because I have to see the neurologist he said for the results. He then got me to stand up so he can see what happens to my legs, but it didn’t do it then, I tried to tell him it’s not all the time. He told me to ring my neurologist and also signed me off to reduced hours at work. Its just when i ring my neurologist they never seem to be there, I rang Kings which is where I had the lumbar puncture and mri and they said they would send the results to my neurologist but would not help me because they don.t ‘know me’. Every way I turn, I get asked to ring someone else. I’m scared. I didn’t go back to work today cause i feel so dizzy and I feel like i’m going to collapse or something. I don’t know what to do.