first fall

Hi folks, I wandered how long it would take to have my first fall in the new flat. Scary thing is my leg just gave way for no apparent reason. So it took exactly 2 weeks. Thankfully I have plenty of padding so didn’t hurt myself but what a palaver to get off the floor. I am just so glad noone saw me. We live in the middle of a building site with builders walking past all the time. My windows are low and there is no blinds on them, yet. Mags xx

Oh poor you! I’m glad you didn’t hurt yourself. It’s a shock though isn’t it?

My knee gives way quite regularly, usually I managed to save myself but on a few occasions I have fallen. I use 2 sticks outside but tended to just use the walls and furniture inside. However I decided it could be quite serious if I was carrying a hot drink for example. I now use a walker inside which gives me so much more confidence. It also has a little tray on the top so now I can carry drinks safely.

Take care,

Sarah x

Hello Mags.

The old leg giving way for no reason trick has been with me for some time now. I suppose like me, you are quite good at falling with minimal damage. Then there’s the getting up bit-bottom shuffling until I reach the bed or the sofa and then taking an age to gather my strength for the great leap onto the mass of soft cushiony stuff before rolling about like some crazed hippo trying to sit up.

Outside the flat, I just have to be resigned to accepting assistance but at home I’d much rather do it myself. Hope you’re not too shaken.

Best wishes, Steve x.

hope your ok Mags,its not nice when this happens.


J x

Oh Steve! You describe it so well. Thanks everyone for your concern Not really shaken up but a bit wary. You’d think I would be used to it by now but it always happens when you least expect it. Like some invisible force having a laugh. Mags xx

Hi Mags

Hope you’re OK, does make you wary when you have no warning. I think Sarah’s suggestion of using a walker inside sounds good, especially with a tray for carrying things.

Take care

Pam x

Sorry to hear this Mags but great there’s no harm done, it’s a shock to the system though.

Hope you’re settling into the new place, I’ve been where I am now for three years but still refer to the old place as home

Jan x

So glad your not hurt, my last fall meant hour trying to get up before Heather gets home and then needed neighbour to assist.

DON’T DO IT AGAIN, showing of to those big butch builders you should know better

Hope your OK hugs from Margate


l know l am not safe without my rollator - l do try to keep it in reach all the time. And it is great for carrying all sorts of things - and a tray on the seat part allows me to get my meals/drinks etc. lt is a Topro Olympus - l chose it as it is good for use outdoors on uneven ground. Easy to fold up and put into the car as well. And l can fit the round laundry basket on the seat and go outdoors to the rotary line and hang up the washing. lt has given me a lot of confidence in doing more for myself.

Hi Robin, have you thought about having an emergency pendant service? Means that if you fall you can press the button and get some help.

If you contact your local social services they will be able to tell you more. I think for most people they will supply them for free or for a small charge.

Hope you settle in quickly. Don’t try to get it all done at one.

Pat xx

Hi there,

glad to hear you are ok. Getting up can be very tricky. Sometimes I wait a minute or two, which helps. Also I do yoga with crash mats, which has lots of benefits, sometimes humorous. There’s a position called the dog (not kidding). I use this technique to help me get back on my feet. Google it, as difficult to explain. However, don’t expect any degree of elegance.

Very similar to how I get myself up and I don’t know Yoga

Jan x