Fell and cut head - lots of blood (again)

I have fallen quite badly three times this week. The first time I managed to hit my cheekbone (black eye now), the back of my head and my front ribs, which still hurt. I managed to bruise both the front and back of myself - which is some kind of an acheivement - by pulling a chair on top of me as I went, trying to stop myself from falling.

My second fall was going through a doorway. This time I grabbed the door as I went down and bent my back backwards. This really hurt at the time but doesn’t seem to have done any lasting damage.

Today I fell and hit my head. I didn’t hit it very hard but hit it on the corner of something and opened up the skin. It bled a lot - just like the last (and only other) time I have done this, back in October. I posted about it then as well - it helps me to share. Last time I did it in the middle of the night, when my husband was away. This time it was mid-morning and all my family were here. They got tea towels to soak up the blood and helped me up. Generally a much better experience, although I did have to listen (meekly) to my husband telling me that I must ask for help, not try and carry too many things myself - only a coat and a bag, it didn’t seem worth asking them at the time.

Thank you for reading.

Hhi Sewingchick, sorry to hear of your latest incident, hope things are better now for you.

Would a walker be of any help, they help with your balance, and also insteadnof trying to carry things you can put them on the walker as well, just a thought that may be useful.

At least you had family with you, scary enough, but worse when you are on your own, take care.

Pam x

I can relate to this used to have regular falls myself pre-dx managed to knock myself out twice whilst home alone! Since having dx 11 months ago and starting meds, touch wood have not had any more falls. I do now use a stick while out and about and sometimes think this has stopped me face diving!

My husband also tells me to ask for help and not to do too much myself, and I try to listen meekly and say “Yes darling whatever you say!” Secretely I think he’s afraid he might have to pick me up! (He is a fireman so I have told him he’s fully trained for such a situation!)

Anyway I agree about sharing things on here, it’s good to talk!

All the best

Freckles x

Already using one stick inside and two when out but will definitely look at getting a walker. Thanks for the suggestion - it had never occurred to me.

I’ve fallen a few times, I’ve not cut myself but I’ve picked up a few bruises. The worst was when I fell down the stairs right from the top, I had a huge bruise on my leg the size of my hand.

hi hunny…this is a warning…3 times in a week is proof positive that it is time to re-think how you get around.

I had so many awful falls before using a walker…please think about it.

I`m sure your family would agree.

luv pollx

A walker every time.
I have one in the house, and a second one in the car.

My last FES checkup involved a timed walk over a set distance. FES and walker were 50% faster than without the FES, and with less than half the effort


I ordered a walker today - should arrive by Wednesday. My FES is on the blink but I think it’s probably that the rechargable batteries are gettting a bit old and only working intermittently. I’ve sent for some of those as well. And I’m planning to wash my hair tomorrow - haven’t dared until now. I’ll be celebrating (as long as my head doesn’t start to bleed again). Probably too much information…

Oh do take care hun.


It didn’t start to bleed again. But I am in a sorry state - struggling to get onto the sofa to lie down. This is a bad thing in my life - I spend a lot of time lying on the sofa, it’s my spot.

Hi Sewingchick hope you get a walker very soon. I have just fallen in the kitchen, banged my head in two places (luckily no blood) and the strange thing is it was like it was in slow motion, it was happening but I couldn’t do anything to stop it or prevent it. It really knocks your confidence. I landed on my right hip (which has been bothering me recently with osteo arthritis). I was on my own and lucky it wasn’t alot worse. The things we get through eh! Take care and get as many aids as you need to make you life safer. Linda x