Fell and cut head - lots of blood

Hi everyone

Trying to get to the loo in a hurry at 4am this morning, I fell and caught the back of my head on a radiator. I bled like a stuck pig. I managed to get up and get to the loo (only losing a small amount of wee in the process). I then sat on the loo waiting for the bleeding to stop - which it did quite quickly. But I had a lot of blood on me, on the toilet floor (lino luckily) and on the bedroom carpet. It took me about half an hour to clear it all up. Just thought I’d share.

Oh dear. It probably won’t help, but head injuries bleed a lot because the blood vessels are close to the surface. Also, I watcher Real Rescues once, and they threw 250ml of liquid onto the floor, and it looked like loads x

scalp wounds do bleed like a son of a … (female canine) … and can also hurt like one too.

Head injuries also need special care - just in case - so that it easy over the next few days and if you get anything like double vision you need to go to Emergency immediately - no delays.

Lots of hugs Chick

JBK xx

Oh dear, that sounds horrible, I hope you are ok now. Cheryl:-)