day one after the lumber puncture from hell.... need some advice plz

Hi everyone it’s been 24 hours since my lp and I was just wondering if it normal for fluid to be leaking from all the injection sites. I had such a bad 24 hours I can’t walk or hold my baby let alone bend to change his bum, I’ve been taking pain killers all day long and resting when I can, but still can’t move or stand straight is this normal. And thankyou to everyone that has sent me messages it’s really helped to have all it support. Lisa.

Hi Lisa, So sorry to hear of your discomfort and concerns. I really hope this clears up very soon. Do you have anything covering the injection sites? If you are worried call 111 or out of hours dr’s. Sending you best wishes. Tracey

Hi Lisa83, So sorry to hear of your discomfort. Really hope this clears up soon. Do you have any dressings covering the injection sites? If you are at all concerned call 111 or out of hours dr’s for advice. Sending you best wishes. Tracey

Thankyou Tracey I have dressed the site and cleaned it. I’m just resting as my head is killing me. All children in the land of nod, so I get to chill out now.

No problem. Try and rest as much as possible and drink plenty. Hopefully that should help to ease the headache.

Thanks hun I hope all is well with yourself.

Hello Lisa

First thing In the morning, ring the unit that did the lumbar puncture and let them know about this. They need to sort this for you Lisa.

Take care x

Hiya Lisa

Did you ask for a Sprotee needle when having the LP?

Usually with this terrible headache it can last for a few days or weeks - as when I had mine done. The only relief is lying flat out.

You could try regular cola - not diet -combined with asprin - not paracetamol - it might help you. The hospital can offer a blood patch but I think they usually like you to ride the effects out.

Take care,


If you read Lisa’s other link on this sorry saga. You’ll understand why I’m advising her to contact the unit. :slight_smile:

As Blossom says, get in touch witht the unit. Make a fuss. You need a blood patch, and the sooner the better. Good luck, I feel for you, I had a similarly horrendous experience, even with the newer, finer needle, drinking cokecoffee, lying down for days, painkillers etc etc. It happens sometimes, you’ve been particularly unlucky. Make a fuss xxx

My consultant told me that the needle holes can leak , and in fact it is better if they “crust over” as you need the fliud to stop leaking and have the levels build back up quickly, as this is the reason for the headaches ect.

So maybe some sort of patch would help to “heal” the needle holes.

I’ve not had a LP yet, but it’s being arranged over the next few weeks.

Hi everyone my mum got on the phone today and went mad at them, all they said is that they would have a word with the consultant in charge and see where they went wrong, I’m so unwell today that I think I’m having a relapse, my whole body feels like it shutting down on me, everything is heavy on my body, I just want to have a good cry, but I can’t as the children will get upset. I wish I never had it done. Thankyou for your support everyone, it really dose help.

It’s so sad that your feeling this way Lisa. When your feeling better, this is another one for PALS. Or maybe your mum could handle it for you. Take it easy x

Another vote for Blossom’s suggestion get onto PALS - and let Mum do it (shows how bad you are). And, do it fast.

This also means that there is something else to be added to the list of recommendation as well as the “Lie still for a long as possible”, “Take a friend to talk to”, Have some non-diet Coke handy" … …


I have never objected to having a student watch. I have had a student neuro examine me (and do all the physical tests), and I was present when she reported to her boss. That gave me an insight into the difference between NHS and Private - she covered in 20 minutes what he had taken an hour over, and got about the same answer.

I am not likely to have another LP, but if I do, it will NOT be done by a student.