Lumbar puncture headache?

Hi, I hope everyone is well? Just a very quick question please. Can anyone tell me if it is normal to get the ‘headache’ four days after the lp? I had it (lp) Thursday and have been fine, but got a bad pressure headache on Tuesday and have had it for four days now and although it is there most of the time, it’s not all the time and worse in the evening. My neck/shoulders are quite sore and as its my first one not sure what I hound expect. Thank you for any input, Best wishes, Sue

Hi Sue

I had the most horrendous headache after my lp. Probably it was my fault as, although I was advised to lie flat as much as possible afterwards, I was an inpatient and they did my lp just before dinnertime. I was hungry (I blame the steroids) and our hospital makes the most delicious food so I propped myself up just enough to eat my three course meal (and dribbled tomato soup all over the sheets - oops!).

The next day I was discharged and had the beginnings of a headache. When I arrived home my son was desperate to see me as he hadn’t seen me for 6 days (hospital closed to visitors due to vomiting bug) so I couldn’t go and lie down immediately. By late afternoon I had a banging headache.

It eased a little every time I laid down but returned whenever I had been up for half an hour or so. It lasted for 7 days in total and in the end the thing that cleared it was my getting very drunk on New Year’s Eve at which point I realised that my headache had gone. The next morning I had a hangover of course but once I recovered from that, I was fine. I must point out that I am not, in any way, recommending this as a cure - I am merely recounting my experience :wink:

I do hope yours does not end up as bad as mine nor lasts as long. I tried all the usual advice about drinking lots of caffeinated liquids and I took painkillers but in the end I had to ride it out. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone else. At least now I can look back on it and laugh about bits of the experience :slight_smile:

Tracey xx

Even if you follow all advice given you can still get a bad headache it depends on the individual. I hadn’t wanted the lp as had had a bad experience with and epidural where the student giving it to me ( found out he was a student after!) did it wrong and caused a dural tap- where the spinal and brain fluid leaks out inside in the hole causing terrible headaches and another procedure called a blood patch is needed. My consultant assured me that the dural tap was rare and that nothing would happen with the lp and I would be fine! He later apologised to me!!! I followed all advice lay down at the hospital for an hour after, came home and lay down for the rest of the day drank loads, but 48 hrs after lp collapsed whilst making the children breakfast from an almighty headache. I got readmitted to hospital and put on a drip for 48 hrs then sent home with complete bed rest and told to drink full caffeine coke, red bull and eat chocolate. I was off work for 3 weeks with bed rest in the end as every time I tried to get up and about the headache returned, not easy with 2 young children but nothing I could do about it! If I were you I would lay flat no pillows as much as possible take paracetamol and drink lots of red bull, full fat coke and eat chocolate :slight_smile: Hope you feel better soon

My headaches lasted for a week, i followed the same advice as above, lie down and drink coke

you need to lie flat when you can,my headache from hell, lasted for 12 days,every time i moved.i would never have another lp,having it done was ok,it was the pain after,i wanted to die it was that bad.

jaki xx

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