Bad Headaches 4 days after LP??? :/

Morning all.

I am looking for some advice if anybody has any that would be great.

My partner had his LP Tuesday morning and since he was discharged Tuesday afternoon he has been experncing bad headaches that seem to have gotten stronger over the last day or so. He has been taking iburofen and cocodomal to help ease the symptons (they have eased them a little) but as soon as they painkillers wear off the headache is back!

The hospital did not give us any advice sheet for after the procedure, I have looked online but there hasnt been much help :/

So I was wondering if any of you may have had the LP or no of someone or just any suggestions on what to do.

He is back at work on Tuesday and I am worried because of these headaches he is getting and the fact that he works in a busy warehouse and is manual handaling for 8 hours and I think he may be having a relapse as his legs are "numb".

Thanks for your time


I've never had one, but I've been told to lay flat for as long as possible and drink lots of caffiene -- apparently, the caffiene has something to do with replacing lost spinal fluid?  If you do a search for "spinal tap" or lumbar puncture" in the forums, you will find a really great post that explains the whole thing, including aftercare.  :)  Hope he feels better soon!!

Hi ya

When I had my lp done loads of people said to me that afterwards it's best to lay flat on my back and to keep drinking caffeinated drinks like coffee and full sugar coke as well as water. The caffeine helps to replace the fluid we've lost during the LP itself and helps to avoid the 'monster headache'.

I did what others suggested and all I had was a very mild headache which I took paracetamol for.

If you hubby hasn't tried this then maybe he should?

If things don't ease up and you're still worried then give your GP a call.

Hope that helps

Debbie xx



Hi again

Sorry I completely missed the bit about your hubby's legs being numb.

Is this since the LP?

If so, then I would give your GP a call and seek advice - just to err on the side of caution.

Hope he feels better very soon

Debbie xx

It sounds like he has the "headache from hell" which is a "positional headache", i.e. better when lying down. It's less common these days, but does happen to a fair number of people. It would typically last a week or so, but if your husband's is getting worse and he has other symptoms, you should definitely get some advice - it could be that he needs a "patch" on the hole where the LP needle went in. This is quite straightforward, so please don't panic(!), but probably best done sooner rather than later.

I had the headache, so my sympathies to your husband!

Good luck.

Karen x


I had LP six moths ago and I too, experienced the awful headaches afterwards. |Lying flat eased them and I drank about 6 cans  a day of coke (not diet) through a straw. Each day I had slight improvement. If they are getting worse then please contact GP/NHS choices. Mine lasted 7 days.

The numb leg maybe related; I too had similar but the Doc hit a nerve during the procedure, which your hubbie would of known about....the worst  pain I have experienced! It could also be a symptom of the condition.

Give him lots of TLC and I hope the headaches go soon.



Hello, aawww I sympathise, I had the terrible headache for 8 days, thought it would never go! I rang the hospital where i had the lp done and they advised me to lay completely flat (no pillow) and drink coke and caffeine drinks as others have suggested. It finally went but I then had weakness in my left leg and dizziness which i till have and haven't been allowed back to work since on doctors orders. Hopefully, your hubby will be ok soon as it affects everyone in defferent ways it seems.

Best wishes to you both



Hi. I really sympathise on this one. I had my LP in Feb and had awful headaches for over a week. I didn’t find that caffeine eased the discomfort, just drank plenty of water, and lots of time spent in bed. I’ve never slept so much as the pain made me very tired. I rang the Neuro ward after 6 days and they advised keeping on with paracetamol / ibuprofen and it would subside in its own time (which it did!) What a terrific feeling the morning I woke up, shook my head and it didn’t hurt! The main thing is, as soon as the headache starts, lie down flat as soon as possible. Hard, I know, but worth it.
I also had “strange” legs after, but that soon went.
Take care.


As Karen say’s if it’s getting worse he could need a blood patch; especially if there’s a wet patch on the bed in the area of the spine after a nights sleep.  See GP;