Lumbar Puncture

Hello all. Hope all is as well as can be :slight_smile: I have a LP booked for Tuesday I know all about the headaches but what I wanted to know am I going to be able to get up walk about after it and the day after as I still have my daughter to get up for school my dad takes her but still need to make her breakky and get her ready for school. I was hoping neurologist wouldn’t book it until she finished for holidays but he’s so fast with tests so might as well get it over with. Thanks.

Hello,when i had mine it was not great however i had read some where to rehydrate after, that coke might help so might water. so i bought a 500ml of each and drank both in the time after the lp before being discharged. Now as you have to lie flat the kind nurse brought my a straw, but id recomend taking one to be on safe side. I had to fly to ireland with 3 children the following day. So was parronoid.other than the journey home i lay flat after that. It was not ideal (i even choose to go to the airport by train so i could lie down on the seats, with children sitting on me! Same at airport) now a gp friend was not happy with that, i did feel very ill but imanaged it. So you shoulp hopefully be ok. But i think the key is really donot flinch lie very still, im a riggler, but the dr thought i must have passed out as no movement at all. And the coke and water, followed by lying down. Prepare everything for breakfast and getting her dressed so you do not have to bend. Explain to her you have an owwie back and its to help you find whats wrong and get better, she will probably be very helpful. But def prepare everything before the lp and you’ll be fine!


Oh and good luck

I had a bad headache after my LP - which I expected. I have migraines so I’m used to taking lots of painkillers and taking it easy. My headache was no worse than a migraine for me. I had some tenderness where the neuro prodded to find the right spot afterwards but I can’t remember anything else apart from the headache. I don’t remember backache, so it can’t have been memorable!

The most painful part of the procedure was when the neuro was injecting the painkiller in the soft tissue where he was going to ‘do’ the actual puncture. I hate it when they have to jab you with a needle to make something stop (or start) hurting. Like at the dentist…

I hope everything goes smoothly and you don’t have any significant after effects. Plan to take it easy afterwards and carry lots of painkillers just in case! I take everything possible in over the counter painkillers when I have a migraine. Paracetamol first, after an hour of two, if the headache’s still bad neurofen, wait and see if that helps, then take asprin. You have to be careful you don’t overdose yourself, though!

take care,


Hello, I had two LPs altogether. The lying still is indeed important. My LPs were both not as bad as anticipated. However, with both my LP they touched a nerve which makes you flinch. It can happen but is a very brief thing and didn’t last pain wise. I didn’t have a headache ever despite having got up straight away…naughty i know :wink: So yes, it sounds scary but it isnt too bad. Good luck!

I had my lp in May followed the advice off here drank plenty of coke through a straw and lay still for a few hours after it was done I too have 3 kids and managed fine the next day just take it easy xx good luck

Ps. I had to fly home two hrs after the procedure (i live remote so have to fly to neuro appts) and also sort my two small children out the next day. No problem. Honest.

This mean my neuro is doing the LP ? His name is on letter I just don’t want to be in bed for days maybe I should have changed appointment can’t be in bed day after got my daughter to take care of.

Hello Alysea

I doubt you will need to be in bed the following day…just need to take things easy. They should keep you lying down for a couple of hours post LP…they gave me tea and biscuits. I had no problems with mine after. Just felt a bit sore in my back at the puncture site, for a few days but that soon passed.

You will be signing a consent form to have the LP, which means whoever does it will be experienced. DO NOT, let a student doctor practice on you, they have dummies for that.

I’m sure you’ll be fine but if you feel happier delaying it, it’s your choice.

Good luck x

Thank you Blossom and everyone else.

I would only delay if i needed to stay in bed i just want it out of way, already told them i want someone experienced doing it, my VEP is same day will they do that before LP?

Worried about needing to get up for toilet lol bladder not as good as it used to be, my sister is going to take me and pick me up so that is not bad i drink lots of water and got some coke just incase :slight_smile: only pain killers i got is gabapentin though it will have to do lol :slight_smile:

I was up and about soon afterwards never had any problems but remember hearing other’s complain but I was fine. I am sure you will be Ok don’t tense up that will make it worse. Don

Thank you don x

You won’t be in bed the next day…you’ll be fine, worst case would be a headache. But i didn’t even get that. I carried on as normal. It wasn’t my neuro doing it. I had a VEP and LP and MRI all on the same day by some expert, LP being last.

Hi There

I had a Lumbar Puncture last June - the actual procedure was just fine, no problems at all. I was told to lie flat for an hour, drink as much water (or coke) as possible, and I felt absolutely fine. I continued to drink as much fluid as possible after it too, which possibly helped.

What also helped me during the procedure was a lovely nursing assistant who sat across from me, talking to me, and held my hand - it was very reassuring, and focussing on her took my mind off the LP.

You’ll be just fine

FB x

PS. What Hoppity said is true - try not to tense up. I used a relaxation exercise in my head, and that helped calm me down - making it a much easier procedure to handle.

FB x

Not sure what’s happened here - but my first reply hasn’t appeared (technology!)

Basically I just said that my LP was fine, helped by a lovely nursing assistant who sat across from me, holding my hand - good focus for me and helped distract my mind from the LP. Afterwards I was told to lie still for an hour, drink as much water/coke as possible - and I had absolutely no headache. Also drank lots after that initial hour, which possibly helped.

You’ll be just fine


(if my original reply DOES appear, I apologise for this one !

Thanks Missy. Only worried about after it’s done cause my daughter doesn’t finish school until 22nd and she is very helpful on things I can’t do as long as I can get her sorted for school no stress needed.

Hello I had a lumbar puncture yesterday and I honestly wish I hadn’t spent so much time worrying about it for the weeks before.

It isn’t completly pain free ,but it’s not so bad ,mine took an hour from start to finish and once they take the needle out it’s history!! over and done, hooray .

I didn’t have even a niggle of a headache, had my appt. at 10.30 and was sat outside enjoying a pub lunch at 1.30 !!

Today where the needle was is a bit sore,but nothing I cant cope with,I have had the dog out for a walk this morning with no bother.

You will be fine ,just listen to all the threads on here ,not people who revel in how bad it can be .

I will be thinking of you on Tuesday xxx

with love Breeshaxx

Wow, i won’t “revel” in how bad it can be.


I had an Lp done, all went well. Little pain when the needle went in. Could feel the CSF pressure dropping, like a weight being taken off my head. All was fine.

Was sat up walking about within 30 mins, under the instruction of the guy who did it. All was good.

Then sent home and the next day was rushed to hospitol with servere CSF loss. I have never felt pain like it. Couldn’t eat, sleep, open my eyes or stand. Was refused pain relief untill a doctor had seen me, which took 8 hours.

Seven days later it finally passed and i was allowed home.

Listen to the advice people here have said, stay still for a few hours, ask for the special needle that lowers the “leak” risk, drink plenty of coffee and full fat coke, and never let a trainee do the lp.


Thanks all. I am pretty much disabled before dx I can feel strange feelings in lower back, I won’t be doing much walking but will be using my crutches just want it out of way. Thanks all for the tips it has helped so much it means a lot.