Lumbar puncture headache 5 days on.

Hi everyone. I had my LP on Wednesday which wasn’t half as bad as expected however right away I got the the dreaded pressure headache and have had it ever since. It’s unbearable to the point where I can’t stand up. I seem to get a couple of hours respite in the afternoon once I’ve had a few rounds of painkillers but when I wake up its back to square one. My husband was able to take time off work last week but will be back tomorrow, I’ve no idea how I’m going to manage with my 1 and 3 year old. Did any of you suffer for this long with a headache, seems so unfair considering I’ve had a headache for 9 weeks and then this mother of all headaches to contend with.

Hi Gemma,

so sorry to hear about your headache- its awful isnt it! I had my LP whilst I was admitted in hospital, but my headache was so severe and I was violently sick any time I sat up- they kept me in for one week after my LP. So, it isnt uncommon for these severe side effects, the docs told me it happens to about 10% of people. The best advice I was given by the docs was to spent 24hrs straight lying flat- it wasnt too bad for me in hospital as there wasnt much else to do it may be a bit trickly at home, but it did eventually subside. Just try and take it easy, lie as flat as possible and plenty of painkillers (I was given really strong ones in hospital that helped!) I hope you’re feeling better soon and the headache does one! take care


Hi Gemma,

Mine lasted about a week if I remember rightly. I do remember thinking it was never going to go.

I think trying to keep as hydrated as possible helps and I’d suggest resting as well, but easier said than done with toddlers I know.

Hope it begins to ease soon. I’m sure you’ll begin to see a difference over the next few days.

Thanks for the advice. I feel like its gradually getting better, it no longer makes me sick or scream when I have to get up but it still bloody hurts. Today has pretty grim though because even lying down my head was still pounding so wondering if I’ve had the extra bonus of a migraine. I must mega unlucky if I have because I started on migraine preventative medication 4 days ago. Fingers crossed for this headache to subside soon, at least the pain has taken my mind off my results and other symptoms. Every cloud and all that.

I would advise speaking to the gp or neurologist (if you have one) tomorrow as its not usual for the lumbar headache to last for more than a week. Has the wound healed ok with no leakage?

Hey. Other than a little bruising my back looks perfect, it’s only been 5 days which is why I have been a bit reluctant to call the neuro back. I may call them Wednesday if I’m still suffering. They did mention if my headache was prolonged they could do a blood patch. I can cope with the pain, I just can’t cope with the pain and looking after the little people. Looks like a day of cbeebies, chocolate and whatever bribes I can throw there way.

Caffeine hun. Drink lots of caffeine and it really does help xx

Yeah drink coke full flat coke as that is supposed to ease the headache as it replenishes the caffeine that was lost from the csf- had to be full fat not diet as there’s not enough caffeine. Try it tomorrow and let us know how you get on. Thinking of you - big hugs xx