Lumbar puncture headache

Hi guys and gals

Just hoping to get some advice …

I had a lumbar puncture done Thursday week ago and the following Tues I started talking headaches everything I stood up for more than 15mins. I am taking cocodemol and lying flat in bed as recommended. Question is how long do these pressure headaches last? I can’t function at all. My lumbar puncture didn’t go smoothly and they had to do it four times. So my back is still extremely sore and the thought of getting a blood patch done is scaring me senseless and I really don’t think I could go through all that pain again.

Is there anything else I can do to stop the headaches?

any help would be much appreciated.

thanks :slight_smile:


hi nicola

see your gp and ask for something to relieve the headaches.

you could call your ms nurse.

your lp sounds like a properly botched job.

poor you.

my lumbar puncture went brilliantly until 3 days later i woke up being sick although i’d hardly eaten.

my gp said it was an adverse reaction to having my cerebro-spinal fluid taken.

he gave me diazepam to use as an anaesthetic.

carole x

Hi Nicola, I’m sorry to read the account of your LP.

To answer your question with my own experience - I had the post LP headache for about ten days, recovering suddenly rather then gradually. It wasn’t pleasant and I can see why some on here refer to it as the ‘headache from hell’. I just lay flat and waited, taking plenty of fluids and over the counter painkillers. It was a long ten days.

Hope you feel better soon.

Thanks Ben and Carole.

​spoke to neurologist today and they have said same thing just lie flat and wait it out and drink plenty of water and coke or coffee.

Gp also gave me some nice strong painkillers.

its going to be a long week! Thank goodness for Netflix …

Mine is awful. Started today really hope it doesn’t last a week. Suffer with migraines and this is on another level. Work is gunna be longg :frowning: can’t afford to be off unfortunately. Would love to just curl up in bed and wake up in a week when it’s gone!