Lumbar Puncture headache!

helloHello, I'm new here but I've just been sent to Kings for a Lumbar Puncture which actually didn't hurt at all, but as soon as I got on the train back I developed an excruciating headache and I've had it 4 days now, I can't stand up because it makes it worse and pain killers don't work letdown I rang my doctor who told me to ring my neurologist as there may be something she could do to help but they never rang me back confused Just wondering if anyone else had this headache and how long it lasted for. I'm not dx yet but i'm having the tests because i had double vision in August and an MRI scan showed white spots in my brain. If i had known about this headache i would never have had this done, I had a full body MRI as well to see if there is anything else going on. Can anyone help? x

Hi, and Welcome,

I had a LP in July last year. The procedure itself wasn't too bad - but I got the headache when I was upright.  I phoned the hospital  3 days after and was told to stay flat on my back for 48 hours only getting up to go to the loo. AlsoI was advised to drink large quantities of Coke (not diet or caffeine free) through a straw so I wasn't getting up. 

I persevered and slowly the headache got better. I felt fragile for about a week.

I hope that helps but I would get in touch with the ward at Kings where you had it done if things don't improve.

Sarah x

Hello, and welcome happy2

Sorry to hear you got the "headache from hell" letdown I'm another one of the unlucky ones, and it was SORE!!! 

Drinking loads (coke & coffee especially) and staying flat as much as possible for as long as needed will hopefully help it to get better, but if it isn't improving in the next couple of days then you should be keeping the hospital number on redial until you get hold of someone to help. Chances are that it will get better itself (almost all do), but it's possible that you need a simple procedure done to repair the hole made by the needle.

I hope it starts to get better very soon.

Karen x


Just to ratify what our doc say’s its rare someone needs a blood patch to block a hole left by the needle.  See that will explain.


Unfortunately the ‘headache from hell’ could last anything up to 2 weeks.


Good luck



Thank you so much for your replies, I will try the coke and see if it helps, i’ve only been lying down because it hurts my head too much to stand, so hopefully it will have been mending slowy, fingers crossed. I have been signed off work for a week but don’t expect they are too impressed as i’ve only been there 3 months, and its difficult for people to understand who aren’t going through it, isn’t it. Fingers crossed i’m on the mend now :S xxx